Authorities Seize More Than 200 Chihuahua’s From Hoarders Home

Authorities entered a Pennsylvania home on Thursday and walked out with more than 200 Chihuahua’s which were being kept in unsanitary conditions by a hoarding couple.

The dogs were taken from the home after state Agriculture Department dog wardens entered the premises with state police upon the execution of a search warrant. The dogs were being housed in Benton, Pennsylvania and various tipsters had phoned in to report the hoarding activity and despicable living conditions.

According to Fox News:

“The Department of Agriculture, which enforces the state dog law, had not filed charges against the owners, identified as Thomas and Albert Ambrosia of Benton, as of Friday morning. State police, who would file any cruelty charges, also had nothing to report.”

The dogs were taken because of their living conditions and because the state of Pennsylvania requires that anyone housing more than 25 dogs apply for and receive a kennel license and have their facilities inspected annually.

According to the Associated Press many of the dogs were sick and several were dead. According to police the corpses of 30 dogs more were packed in a freezer.

State police will likely file animal cruelty charges against the former dog owners.

There were so many dogs on the premise that police had to house them at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex and Expo Center in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The dogs will be treated by veterinarians and then be evaluated for adoption.

Also removed from the home were coon dog and mix breed dogs.

The Herald Extra adds:

“The dogs in the freezer, which included adults and puppies, apparently died of natural causes and the owners said they planned to cremate them.”

More details will be released as they become available.