Wendy’s Customer Allegedly Bites Manager In The Leg

A Wendy’s customer in the Richmond, Virginia, area who local media describes as “hangry” (i.e., hungry plus angry) allegedly bit the store manager in the leg in a dispute over a drive-thru order gone wrong.

The customer, identified as Lovely Robinson, reportedly either received the wrong fast-food order or changed her mind about her food selection, according to differing news accounts.

Bottom line: she apparently wasn’t happy about her meal, and the result perhaps gives a new meaning to having a “bite” to eat.

She is now in the Henrico County Jail and is due back in court in April.

The Wendy’s manager described the customer as “the angriest customer she had ever personally served,” CBS Richmond affiliate WTVR Channel 6 News reported.

Manager Latanya Nelson claims that the suspect “stormed in the lobby behind another employee, after changing her order from two spicy chicken sandwiches.”

The woman allegedly threatened to come across the counter, “‘So I said, OK. She jumped over, so I defended myself,'” Nelson explained. See clip below.

While they were exchanging blows, the suspect allegedly bit Nelson above the left knee, before she was able to fight her off. “She clamped down right above my knee…so I continued to punch her because she was biting me.”


“She switched the order to four, 99-cent chicken sandwiches, so I’m guessing she only had $4 instead of $11,” explained Nelson.

She returned to work the following day.

The Richmond Times Dispatch has a slightly different account of the altercation that occurred on Monday night after the suspect placed her order at the drive-thru window and was asked to pull forward because the fast food was not quite finished. “When the order was ready, the worker walked outside and delivered it to Robinson. The order was incorrect, and Robinson got out of her vehicle and followed the worker back into the restaurant, demanding her correct order, police said. The worker asked Robinson to leave because the dining area was closed. Robinson refused and then assaulted the worker…”

Lovely Robinson mug shot [Photo via Henrico County Sheriff’s Office]Robinson, 25, faces charges including malicious wounding, trespass, and resisting arrest.

Wendy’s was also in the news recently in an unrelated story when a customer in Florida allegedly threw an alligator into the drive-thru window instead of paying for his burgers. The 23-year-old suspect faces charges of aggravated assault and unlawful possession and transportation of an alligator.

While it may or may not apply in the above-mentioned incidents, drive-thru rage, in general, seems to be a thing, unfortunately. Elsewhere in Florida last month, two hungry (or perhaps hangry) customers in a Ford Ranger at the drive-thru window exited their vehicle to confront a Burger King worker about how long their order was taking. The police report detailed that one of the suspects jumped over the counter and started throwing stuff around the restaurant. When the worker, 46, followed the impatient suspects outside and called 911, one of them allegedly punched him, causing the phone to fall to the ground in the process. The suspects are still at large.

Last September, in an incident caught on cell phone video that perhaps gives a new meaning to “takeout order,” a 16-year-old McDonald’s employee in Louisiana was allegedly pulled by her hair through the drive-thru window by a female customer and then beaten by several other females in the parking lot, according to local police.

In February 2014, a Michigan woman who received the wrong fast-food order twice allegedly fired a shot at the McDonald’s drive-thru window.

In other fast-food news, a worker at a Florida McDonald’s restaurant allegedly stole possibly up to $50,000 from her employer, according to police who charged her with grand theft.

[Photo by Michael Dwyer/AP]