Chris Marquez: Veteran Marine Beaten By Black Lives Matter Protesters At McDonald’s?

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Chris Marquez, a highly decorated Marine and Iraq war veteran, was badly beaten by a group of black teenagers at a Washington, D.C., McDonald’s. Before the Friday night attack occurred, the group of young men allegedly asked the 30-year-old veteran if black lives mattered.

Marquez said that he could quickly tell the black teenagers were attempting to provoke him and decided to ignore their taunts in the hope that they would simply move along. As he continued to eat his meal, the group refused to disengage, WJLA reports

“I felt threatened and thought they were trying to intimidate me, so I figured I’m just going to keep to my food, eat my food and hopefully they’ll leave me alone,’ Marquez told told local reporters.

The black teens allegedly called the veteran Marine a racist as he attempted to walk away from them and leave the restaurant. Once he was outside, Marquez, who had survived heavy fire during ambushes by insurgents in Fallujah, suddenly found himself vulnerable on an American street. He was unarmed when the teens allegedly came from behind, jumped him, and beat him relentlessly.

“As soon as I walked out of the McDonald’s I got hit in the back of the head, or the side of the head. I just dropped to the ground, and [the McDonald’s manager] says I looked unconscious,” Chris Marquez said during an interview with the Daily Caller. “I believe this was a hate crime and I was targeted because of my skin color.

One black teenagers hit him in the head as they came at him from behind. The decorated Marine was instantly knocked to the concrete where a brutal beating and robbery occurred. According to the veterans’ report to the police, one of the young men hit him in the head with the butt of a handgun.

Washington, D.C., police detectives are reviewing the McDonald’s surveillance camera footage in an attempt to identify the teenagers who attacked the Marine.

The veteran Marine also said that many similar black-on-white violent attacks are occurring and the “majority of mainstream media” is refusing to report on the cases.

“When I was in the Marine Corps, I served with people from many different backgrounds, ethnicities, religions, and races. Like all Marines, I fought for the freedom of all Americans and not just one particular group,” the veteran also noted.

The Bronze Star awardee was transported to George Washington Hospital where he was treated for an eye contusion and head trauma. He also suffered multiple cuts and bruises to his face. Marquez stated that he is still experiencing a sharp pain in his head that makes it difficult to sleep.

Chris Marquez was an active duty Marine for eight years. He served as both a scout sniper and a rifleman. He was presented with the Bronze Star after he carried his commanding officer’s body out of a combat zone — the commander was killed during the ambush.

The two statues known as the “No Man Left Behind” monuments depict the scene where he and another Marine carried a wounded sergeant out of a firefight in Fallujah. The battle became known as “The House of Hell” battle. The statues are on display at Camp Lejeune and at Camp Pendleton.

Since he ended his tour of duty and re-entered the civilian world, Marquez worked as defense contractor and was sent to Afghanistan for nine months in 2012. He has since earned an associates degree in communications and is working on his bachelors in public relations and strategic communications.

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