Farrah Abraham The Next Kris Jenner, ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Denies Being ‘Momager’

Farrah Abraham at an event

Farrah Abraham may be the next Kris Jenner in the world of celebrities. She has been working hard on branding her daughter, Sophia, especially with making her a part of recent projects. Abraham has been a working businesswoman for several years, even if the business she chose was labeled questionable. While the majority may not agree with what Abraham has done in her life, she has remained relevant with the choices she has made. Parenting Sophia gets her heavy criticism, but she ignores the haters on most days. Farrah Abraham may not be a perfect parent, but she is definitely more involved in Sophia’s life than some of the other Teen Mom stars.

It looks like Farrah Abraham is being hailed a momager. This term comes from when moms manage their children in the business. Kris Jenner is the most famous momager around, and Abraham may be the next in line. According to Us Weekly, Farrah Abraham is denying being a momager. She is insisting that all Sophia is doing is at her own free will. If there is something Sophia doesn’t want to do, Abraham will not force her into anything. In 2014, Abraham took her daughter to get professional photos for modeling done. Sophia was supposed to walk in a fashion show over the weekend, but she flew in too late and missed rehearsals. Abraham still took photos and posted them to social media, talking about how proud she is of her daughter.

In recent weeks, Farrah Abraham has been under fire for parenting decisions she has made. From allowing her daughter to post a hateful response to Nicki Minaj to allowing her wear makeup to school, there has been some serious uproar about what Sophia is allowed to do. Abraham is always doing something for attention, but using her daughter is a bit much. This season of Teen Mom OG has shown her in a rather unflattering light. Disrespecting her parents and pushing a producer are just two of the most questionable things she has done. With the season finale happening next week, it will be interesting to see how fans react to what will be revealed.

Despite denying being a momager, Farrah Abraham is sure pushing fame hard for Sophia. According to Daily Mail, Farrah Abraham and Sophia sat front row at Michelle Ann Kids Fall 2016 show. Sophia was supposed to walk in the show, but missed rehearsals. Abraham was still beaming about her daughter being present at the event, and showing interest in modeling. Many fans have accused Abraham of projecting her wants onto her daughter, especially since she suffered low self-esteem issues while growing up. Teen Mom OG has opened up several doors for Abraham and Sophia, but she will never admit it.

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Going forward, Farrah Abraham is going to have her hands full with Sophia. While she believes she is blessed to have such a well-behaved daughter, fans are laughing hard. Sophia has acted out on several occasions, being blatantly disrespectful to her mom and grandma. While they may believe it is cute, the viewers are horrified. Abraham has let Sophia rule the roost, and now she will be dealing with a spoiled brat in the future. While she is not innocent in allowing it, she was trying to give her daughter the things she was never given. It is undeniable that Abraham has worked to make herself money, but she has done questionable things to obtain the success. The adult industry is no longer the most profitable choice she has made, but Farrah Abraham will forever be remembered for her sex tape and sex toys long after she has removed herself from the business.

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