Assassination Of Kim Jong Un Sought From South Korea MP While The North Fumes Over Kaesong Shutdown

The assassination of Kim Jong Un is currently sought from a member of the National Assembly in South Korea, and he stresses that the Supreme Leader of North Korea must be killed before he causes a nuclear war.

Ha Tae-keung, a member of the centre-right Saenuri party in South Korea, claims an assassination within the next four or five years will be the only thing that will stop Kim Jong Un from attacking North Korea’s enemies with nuclear weapons, according to The Independent.

Ha Tae-keung called on South Korean President Park Geun-hye to seek help from Japan and the United States to coordinate an assassination of the Supreme Leader to put a stop to his threats and his threatening and often absurd overreactions.

“Everybody will be happy if Kim Jong-un is removed…Kim Jong-un is a criminal. Getting rid of a criminal is appropriate and does not violate international laws.”

Ha explained how the United States worked to remove Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq. Eventually, Saddam was sent to trial for his crimes. Hussein was sentenced to death and hanged for crimes against humanity on December 30, 2006.

The call for assassination comes when it has been revealed that North Korea has been using Kaesong workers’ wages to allow its Supreme Leader to live in the lap of luxury while its workers made much less than $160 a month.

According to ABC News, the Kaesong industrial project was a joint project between North and South Korea. However, South Korea shut down the project when the North launched a long-range rocket, which the North claimed was a harmless satellite.

The North reacted by kicking out South Korean workers and froze the assets 0f South Korean firms. The North accepted the South’s shutdown as “a declaration of war.” The tensions continue to mount between the two enemies instead of cooling off as the world had hoped.

Kim Jong Un protest

South Korea says the North diverted the income of its residents who worked at Kaesong to building weapons and buying luxury items for Kim Jong Un.

Minimum wage for North Koreans is about $70 per month, and it was hoped the workers would experience higher wages working at Kaesong. Unfortunately, many of the wages were diverted to the mysterious ruling Workers’ Party’s Office 39. It is said to take care of Kim Jong Un’s expensive lifestyle and perhaps the country’s weapons program.

The Telegraph previously reported that Kim Jong Un supposedly owns a private island, according to Dennis Rodman, who once spent some time with the leader in 2013. Kim Jong Un offered up an “endless” supply of cocktails and jet skis during Rodman’s visit, and has several yachts to impress visitors and his entourage of “50 or 60 people.”

Rodman even went as far as to say, “Everything you want, he has the best.”

Kim Jong Un also owns at least one luxury private jet, which he has been photographed in. Smaller luxury items, like watches, fine alcohol, and electronics add millions to the state’s budget.

Assassination attempts on Kim Jong Un which the mainstream has knowledge of are few and far between, but it appears that it has been attempted. The latest was in December 2015, when explosives were reportedly left at an airport where Kim Jong Un was scheduled to visit.

Kim Jong Un protest

The explosives were hidden in the roof of Kalma’s airport information desk, and they were found a day before Kim Jong Un was set to arrive. Kim Jong Un abruptly cancelled his visit to the airport after the attempt.

[Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images]