Six-Foot-Lizard On The Loose In Colorado

Officials in Colorado are currently on the lookout for a six-foot-lizard. The huge Nile Monitor lizard has been on the loose since Tuesday after it escaped from its enclosure in Teller County, Colorado.

Officials are urging residents in Woodland, West, Westwood Lakes, and Rosewood Hills to be cautious if they see the lizard.

Teller County Sheriff Mike Esinger said:

“These lizards are pretty muscular and can be aggressive. It’s a large reptile, at least 25 pounds, and it can be aggressive. We want the people in those areas to know so they could keep on eye on their pets and small children.”

The owner of the lizard, who refused to give his name, said that his six-foot-lizard is named Dino. The owner also said that Dino looks dangerous but is actually a very sweet.

The owner said:

“He looks dangerous, but he’s a very gentle lizard. He’s not a threat to anybody.”

The six-foot-lizard is large enough that it could pose a danger to small animals. According to the owner, Dino wouldn’t eat anything larger than a prairie dog.

According to the Times Live, it is not illegal to own a Nile Monitor Lizard in Colorado. So the owner should escape any legal problems unless the animal injures a person a pet.