21-Pound Lobster Caught Near Cape Cod

A 21-pound lobster was caught in the town of Orleans near Cape Cod, Mass. – possibly the second-largest crustacean ever caught off the coast of New England. Earlier this year a 27-pound lobster caught off Nauset Beach made headlines for its unusually large size, The Blaze reports.

Capt’n Elmers restaurant currently has the massive 21-pound lobster on display, CBS News notes. The lobsters claws are approximately one foot long. The gigantic Cape Cod lobster is expected to yield approximately five pounds of meat.

“I had its tail on my shoulder and I had each claw in one of my hands, and it was as long as my arms and as big as my torso It’s giant,” Capt’n Elmers restaurant manager Elise Costa told CBS News. Costa also noted she believe the Cape Cod area is one of the few places left in New England which can still bring in “weightier catches” of lobster.

The 21-pound Cape Cod lobster will remain on display for the enjoyment of patrons for awhile and then will be either sold or raffled off for a local charity, according to The Blaze.

“Often when we have lobsters this large, people come in to catch them, and they like to release the, which is kinda cool,” Costa stated during the CBS News interview.

Due to lobster fishing regulation changes a “max gauge” has been placed on the larger lobsters catches in many waterways. As a result of the lobster regulations fewer and fewer giant crustaceans like the 21-pound Cape Cod lobster are making it to market, CBS News reports. Cape Cod is one of only a handful of areas in New England without “max gauge” rules.