Ted Nugent: NRA Under Pressure To Kick Rocker Off Board After Comments About Jews

The NRA is under pressure to boot Ted Nugent from its board. Gun owners who are members of the National Rifle Association began calling for the rocker's removal after he said that some prominent Jewish Americans were "really behind" the gun control movement in the United States.

Ted Nugent has long been a vocal Second Amendment advocate, but his anti-Semitic comments are not sitting well with a lot of NRA members and gun owners from around the country. Nugent posted a captioned photo to social media earlier this week, calling out liberal Democrats who do have a history of advocating for gun control. He also placed the Israeli flag next to the images of the politicians and referenced their religious beliefs, the Fresno Bee reports.

In the Facebook post that has been deemed anti-Semitic and prompted the NRA removal urgings, Nugent called California Senator Diane Feinstein, former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Michigan Senator Carl Levin, Harvard law professor Ala Dershowitz, Chicago Mayor Rham Emanuel, and several other prominent Jewish public officials and academic "punks" who want to deny Americans the "basic human right to self-defense" and to carry a gun while they themselves are surrounded by a professional security team, the Chicago Tribune notes.

Jonathan Greenblatt, the director of the Anti-Defamation League, deemed Nugent's comments "nothing short of conspiratorial anti-Semitism." Greenblatt also stated that in spite of an individual's views on gun control, "scapegoating" an entire religious group is not at all acceptable.

"It should go without saying that anti-Semitism has no place in the gun control debate," the director added.

The Ted Nugent Facebook post included 12 faces in a collage that included the Israeli flag next to each one. The singer later posted a photo of Nazi soldiers rounding up Jews to take them to concentration camps during the Holocaust. Nugent called the gun control activists "soulless sheep to slaughter."

Some Second Amendment rights advocates have called Ted Nugent's comments about the Jewish Americans "half-baked" rhetoric and "simple-minded outbursts" that cannot be tolerated. Nugent has served as a member of the NRA board since 1995. A National Rifle Association representative told the media that individual board members do not speak for the right to bear arms group.

Conservative political columnist Debbie Schlussel had this to say to Ted Nugent about his viral social media post.

"As a religious Jew who testified with you in the Michigan Senate for relaxing gun laws and strengthening the 2nd Amendment, I'm absolutely disgusted but not at all surprised that you are showing what I always suspected: that you are a Jew-hater and a piece of crap. Ted Nugent Endorses Jews, then Announces He Hates Jews. Also, I'm sickened you invoke the slogan of Jewish Holocaust survivors, 'Never Again' in mockery."

Ted Nugent is no stranger to controversy. The "Cat Scratch Fever" singer has often made politically incorrect comments that quickly went viral online. Backing away from interview statements or social media posts is not the rocker's typical response to the swift and severe backlash that typically emerges. One of Nugent's most controversial comments, which blew up on the internet occurred when he called President Barack Obama a "sub-human mongrel."

After the backlash over the bashing of Jewish gun control advocates began on social media, Ted Nugent followed up his initial post by saying, "What sort of racist prejudiced POS could possibly not know that Jews for gun control are Nazis in disguise?"

What do you think about Ted Nugent's comments and calls to have him kicked off the NRA board?

[Photo by Owen Sweeney/Invision/File/AP]