Twin Brothers Die, 6 Other Teens Injured, After Sneaking Into Olympic Bobsled Track After Hours, Crashing At High Speeds

Tara West

Two 17-year-old twin brothers are dead after a tragic accident at the Canada Olympic Park in Calgary. The teens and six other friends sneaked into the closed facility to go down the Olympic bobsled track in their own personal sled. However, the group of eight teens crashed into a gate that separates the bobsled track from the luge while going at a high rate of speed, the twin brothers were pronounced dead on the scene and the police say that several of the other teens were critically injured in the accident. In fact, it was noted that next of kin has not been notified in some of the cases due to the fact that the injured could not be identified due to their severe injuries.


The Daily Mail reports that 17-year-old twin brothers Jordan and Evan Caldwell died on the Canada Olympic Park bobsled track in the early morning hours of Saturday. The teens allegedly sneaked into the facility with six other friends to ride their personal bobsled on the large track. However, as the eight teens road the bobsled down the large track at high speeds, they slammed into a large gate that separates the bobsled from the luge.

— CBS News (@CBSNews) February 7, 2016

Police report that two teens, twin brothers Jordan and Evan Caldwell, were declared dead on the scene and six other teens were taken to nearby hospitals for treatment. The injuries, according to police, range from minor to severe. The police say that the names of the other six injured will not be released yet as the next of kin has not been notified in all situation due to the fact that police have not been able to identify all of the victims due to the nature of their injuries. Police also note that they have not yet spoken to the surviving teens as they are "severely traumatized" and need time to recover.

— CP24 (@CP24) February 7, 2016

"I have heard of incidents of people coming into the park. I do not personally know of any incidents of anyone being on the sliding track. Today is the most tragic day in WinSport history."

— (@globalnews) February 7, 2016

Meanwhile, the twin's family says that the boys were "bright lights" and that their death is a reminder that life is "but a vapor." With the incident claiming the life of two teens and others claiming they also have used the track after hours, do you think WinSport will now hire night security to guard the track from joyriders?

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