Florida Man Allegedly Stabbed Woman’s Vagina Numerous Times

A Florida man is accused of violently attacking a woman in a way that is downright horrifying. The Dreamin’ Demon reports that 26-year-old Derek Lawson has been arrested, after authorities say he used a sharp object to brutally violate an unidentified woman. The details surrounding this case are shocking, to say the least.

NBC News 8 reports that the Clearwater, Florida, man has been charged with three felony counts associated with an incident that took place at the beginning of this month. Authorities allege that Lawson kidnapped a woman — who has not been named in media reports — before he violently sexually assaulted her.

The 26-year-old suspect allegedly choked the woman until she passed out after he forcefully kidnapped her. After she was unconscious, the Florida man is accused of brutally beating the woman in the head and face. She was already passed out from being choked by the time he began assaulting her with his fists. He wasn’t finished, however. After beating on the choked-out woman, he decided to sexually assault her, committing a rape so violent that authorities in Clearwater are shocked and disgusted.

Police say that Derek Lawson used a sharp object to repeatedly stab the woman in her vagina. When the Florida man was done, he allegedly left the victim for dead — and she was quite lucky to have survived. The extent of the damage she suffered during the horrifying assault left her in need of emergency surgery to save her life.

Heather Freeman lied to authorities about being stabbed in her vagina. Photo credit: Spartansburg Police
Heather Freeman lied to authorities about being stabbed in her vagina. [Image via Spartansburg Police]

This isn’t the first time a case of allegedly being stabbed in the vagina has made media headlines. Back in February of last year, a South Carolina woman told authorities that a man stabbed her in the vagina on Valentine’s Day during an alleged sexual assault. Heather Freeman was later arrested after admitting that she made the entire story up. The 29-year-old woman was charged with one felony count of filing a false police report.

While Heather Freeman’s story was a lie, another woman was the victim of a similar and very real attack in 2013. The New York woman was stabbed more than 100 times by her angry ex-boyfriend, who not only brutally stabbed her in the vagina several times, but nearly decapitated her entirely. Miraculously, the woman survived the horrifying incident but has since needed more than a dozen surgeries to correct the disfigurement caused by the man.

These cases happen all over the world. In 2015, a couple in Nigeria were arrested for stabbing a 10-year-old girl in her vagina during a vicious assault. The couple reportedly used a broken beer bottle to assault the child. The child was lucky to survive, but the couple weren’t necessarily prosecuted to the fullest extent, either. They were allowed to be released on bail and ultimately fined and given minimal prison time.

As for this latest case out of Florida, Derek Lawson has been charged with three felonies: kidnapping with bodily harm, attempted felony murder, and sexual battery with a deadly weapon. The Florida man also has a criminal history involving similar incidents. In 2014, he was reportedly arrested on at least one charge each of kidnapping and sexual battery of women. In other words, this man is a reported repeat offender. Nonetheless, he has not yet been convicted of any crimes, and no victims have been identified in the media or police reports.

[Image via Clearwater Police mugshot]

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