Mega Millions Winners, Winning Numbers For Feb. 5 As Jackpot Rolls To $80 Millon

It’s been an exciting week of Mega Millions and as no one matched all of the winning numbers in last night’s drawing, the jackpot has rolled to $80 million. There were other winners, however, for non-jackpot prizes. The winning numbers for last night, Feb. 5, are as follows: 4, 6, 23, 55, 75, and the Mega Ball is 2. The Megaplier is 3x. The next Mega Millions drawing is set for Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2016, at 11:00 p.m. ET. The Mega Millions jackpot will be $80 million with an estimated cash value of $51,500,000.

You can watch the Mega Millions drawing as it occurred live from Atlanta, Georgia, in the video player below.

There were no match 5 winners or match 5 winners who used the Megaplier. Match 5 winners win $1 million by matching all five of the white balls without matching the gold mega ball. With the multiplier, match 5 winners in last night’s drawing would have won $3 million each. It was the third-tier prizes where last night’s Mega Millions added some money to players’ pockets.

There were 18 people who matched four of the white balls and the mega ball for a win of $5,000 each. Two match 4 plus the mega ball winners had used the megaplier and won $15,000 each. As the jackpot continues to roll, people are getting excited about seeing huge Mega Millions jackpots again.

Mega Millions players should make certain they take good care of their tickets. A case coming out of California right now shows just how important it is to take good care of your lottery tickets and protect them from damage. A man named Brandy Milliner purchased a California lottery ticket for the game SuperLotto. He claims that he matched all the numbers for the $63 million jackpot, submitted his ticket, then received confirmation from the California lottery that he was a winner. Several months later, he received another letter that contained disheartening news. The second letter said that the lottery ticket was damaged beyond the point of being processed and they would not be awarding him any money. No one else has come forward to say they have the winning ticket and now Milliner is taking his case to court. The story tells us how important it is to protect our Mega Millions tickets as soon as we buy them.

Always sign the back of your ticket and then store it in a manner where it will remain dry and protected. You need to ensure it is in a safe place so that you can retrieve it when needed. Keep your ticket safe and don’t let it get wet or damaged. Your ticket will need to be turned in and it must be in excellent condition or you run the risk of losing your prize. Many prize winners take photos of their winning tickets to prevent any problems. If you win the Mega Millions jackpot, you’ll need to think twice about telling other people. You may have a lot of friends and family members, but once you win the lottery or Mega Millions jackpot, you won’t know who you can trust. Money changes people, but one thing is certain: if you win the jackpot, everyone is going to want money. Be careful before telling people that you won the jackpot and try and keep the information secret as long as possible.

Make sure that you know how long you have to redeem your ticket as well. Too many people are forfeiting their prizes by not coming forward to claim their Mega Millions winning tickets in time. Check with your local state lottery and determine how long you have to claim the winnings of your ticket.

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