Mary Kennedy Exhumed And Re-Interred Away From Kennedy Family At Request Of RFK Jr.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s estranged wife, Mary Kennedy, has been reburied in a remote plot away from the rest of the Kennedy family, reportedly at the request of RFK Jr., her widower.

The reburial comes just shy of two months since Mary Kennedy hanged herself in May. She was reburied in a Cape Cod cemetery about 700 feet from her original grave alongside other Kennedy family members.The superintendent of St. Francis Xavier Cemetery told the AP that Mary Kennedy was exhumed earlier in the month. She was first interred on May 19th near RFK Jr.’s aunt and uncle, Eunice Kennedy Shriver and Sargent Shriver.

RFK Jr. himself requested that his estranged wife be moved, reports Newser. He asked that his wife be reburied on a hilltop near other burial plots he intends to purchase.

The 52-year-old Mary Kennedy, mother of four, hanged herself on May 16th in the couple’s New York home in the midst of a difficult and nasty divorce, during which RFK Jr. Was granted temporary custody of the couple’s children. Ever since he filed for divorce two years ago, she has battled drug and alcohol addiction, including arrest and an autopsy report that showed she had antidepressants in her system when she died.

RFK Jr. claimed in the divorce proceedings that his wife beat him, threatened to kill herself in front of their children, and drank until she passed out. Her family maintains that his account of Mary is a lie.