Hillary Clinton Accused Of Voter Fraud In Iowa, Video Showing Alleged Misconduct Surfaces Online

The Hillary Clinton camp celebrated winning the Iowa caucus but some voters doubt if she had actually won the state.

Many Democrats are now wondering if there was voter fraud since results from 90 precincts may be missing.

According to reports, the Bernie Sanders campaign was informed by the Iowa Democratic Party that results from 90 precincts were missing.

Clinton seemed to have defeated Sanders by a slim margin: 49.8 percent to 49.6 percent, with 98 percent of the precincts reporting.

However, a video from one Democratic caucus event, posted on the C-SPAN website is raising questions whether there were lapses in the vote count. The video that was uploaded by an unnamed user had the headline: Clinton Voter Fraud in Polk County, Iowa Caucus. The description claims “Caucus chair and Clinton precinct captain do not conduct actual count of Clinton supporters and deliberately mislead caucus.”

This Video Reveals Alleged Vote-Counting Fraud by the Hillary Clinton Camp

Bernie Sanders got 224 voters while Hillary Clinton garnered 232 in the caucus held at Roosevelt High School. Three Iowa caucus-goers allegedly disappeared during the chaos. “We want to make sure they counted everyone, some people could have been left,” an ardent Sanders supporter stated in the video. “I just want it to be accurate, the numbers don’t add up.”

Sanders’ supporters at Roosevelt High School in Des Moines are asking for a recount, but the chairperson refused. Drew Gentsch, the Des Moines District 43 Democratic caucus chair, told the Sanders supporters gathered at the high school that the count from the precinct would not really help change the state delegate results.

“I understand there may be some consternation about the vote,” Gentsch, the Des Moines Democratic chairman told the assembly. “I don’t believe it will change the delegate math, but I could be wrong.”

Meanwhile, Mediaite published the controversial story with the headline: “Video Raises Questions About Voter Fraud in Iowa Caucus Sanders/Clinton Vote.”

Polk County Democratic Party Chairman Tom Henderson dismissed the allegations and insisted that both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders’ camp had no problems with the results.

“The Sanders leadership signed off on the results,” Henderson explained to The Blaze. “If the Sanders campaign had a problem, they wouldn’t have signed off on it. There was no fraud there.

On Tuesday morning, Clinton campaign state director Matt Paul announced that the former Secretary of State beat the Vermont Senator in a very tight race.

Before the last precinct in Des Moines was counted, the former first lady garnered 699.5 state delegate equivalents while the Senator got 695.49 state delegate equivalents. The final precinct’s value is reportedly equal to 2.28 state delegate equivalents.

According to reports, voters at Des Moines precinct No. 42 could not find anyone at the party headquarters on Tuesday morning to turn over the result. The Des Moines Register reported that Bernie Sanders won the caucus over Hillary Clinton by two delegates.

Sanders also shared his thoughts on the issue, saying he would like a raw vote count to be released. Sanders’ team is still unsure whether to file for a recount, a spokesman of the campaign revealed to Associated Press. The Senator is still hoping the count will be honest.

“I honestly don’t know what happened. I know there are some precincts that have still not reported. I can only hope and expect that the count will be honest,” Sanders stated prior to the release of results from No. 42 as reported by The Guardian.

Meanwhile, Iowa Secretary of State tweeted that there are a lot of complaints of voter fraud in the caucuses; however, he reminded Iowans that the victory of Hillary Clinton at the caucus is not an official election.

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