Marco Rubio Is Seen As The GOP’s Best Chance

Of the top names in constant circulation for Republican candidates, Marco Rubio gets at least a few mentions in the media among Ted Cruz and Donald Trump.

Much of the conversation around these candidates has been over which of them will be the face of the Republican party, and as the days to make that decision are coming to a head, Marco Rubio is currently being touted as the one that establishment Republicans are more in league with.

The reason for this is because with Ted Cruz gaining the highest number in the polls, making Donald Trump second place, Marco Rubio is currently considered by the results of the caucus to come in third, which many consider a good time and place to weigh in on what they believe will solve a very publicized conflict among the Republican party.

The conflict is over whether Trump’s right-wing extreme followers should be the new party brand or someone more moderate, which means that GOP’s hopes now largely rest on Marco Rubio. Even on a international scale, publications like the Sydney Morning Herald seem to think so, as well.

“The strong showing leaves him as the strongest hope for that establishment to regain control of a party which has been divided and bewildered by the Trump and Cruz campaigns.”

According to Politico, U.S. Senator Tim Scott will be endorsing Marco Rubio, who is only the second endorsement next to Trey Gowdy, who is at the head of the Benghazi panel who has continued an investigation against Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

The Inquisitr provides more details on that endorsement, prior to the recent Iowa caucus.

Many argue that Iowa still doesn’t give people a big enough picture as to what the Republican party can expect. Many, however, feel that the next stop in the state of New Hampshire will sort this out. The New York Times feels that those who are dragging behind with their campaigns will have a better chance.

“Among the Republicans it may be Mr. Rubio, with his late leap toward the top of the pack in Iowa, who now has the best opportunity to consolidate support from establishment-minded Republicans in New Hampshire and nationally.”

However, there’s also the matter of his ad campaign, which, according to the conservative media source Breitbart, Marco Rubio had reportedly cancelled ads in not only Iowa but in New Hampshire, as well. The source states that Marco Rubio might have done this to switch over to ad spending for South Carolina.

Currently, according to Real Clear Politics, Marco Rubio is polling at fourth place there, in a state where Trump has reportedly been in the lead for quite some time.

With Ted Cruz in the lead with Iowa, Marco Rubio can expect attack more attack ads from him without any to respond with, using a narrative that’s been building up against him from the Cruz campaign, calling him the Republican Obama.

Marco Rubio has already been confronted with this before the Iowa caucus, when he was asked about it on Meet The Press over the weekend. His response was to deny it and also to make it clear that he “abhors Obama.”

And still not only do Republican insiders feel Marco Rubio is their best bet to hold the party together, Marco Rubio has also been driving the same message as well saying that he can “unite the party.”

And even despite the news that he hasn’t put ads in Iowa, immediately after meeting third place, a Super PAC supporting Marco Rubio put out the latest campaign ad.

Marco Rubio has also acknowledged the division and even gone as far as to blame President Obama, who he believes has divided the nation, which he has stated clearly throughout his campaign.

Now at this point, the message coming from Rubio’s campaign will be more clear as over the last few weeks, the media’s focus has been less on the issues and more on who is going to beat who.

Some of that sentiment can be seen in an article by the Latin Post, who feel that it would benefit Marco Rubio and the Latin community if he were to work fast to beat the “outsiders” who they feel would harm or not listen to their needs.

Now, there might be more to discuss on immigration as it is what many consider to be one of Marco Rubio’s most important issues. Republicans consider Rubio to be the better candidate who can manage foreign policy issues.

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