Tareena Shakil Took Toddler To Syria To Join ISIS Becomes First British Woman To Be Charged With Joining ISIS

Tareena Shakil is the first British woman to be convicted of joining ISIS, the Islamic State terror group. The once vibrant young woman fell in love with a married Muslim man who, according to his ex-wife’s account, “changed” the young woman who was once very “modern” and “self-obsessed.” The ex-wife claims that prior to moving in with her ex-husband, Shakil didn’t have a “Muslim bone in her body.” Instead, she said the young woman was slowly converted to a Muslim lifestyle before ultimately leaving her husband with her toddle son and using school loan money to travel to Syria to join ISIS.


The Daily Mail reports that Tareena Shakil has become the first British woman to be convicted of joining ISIS and encouraging terrorism via social media. The 26-year-old woman was convicted of the terrorism charges on Friday and is scheduled to be sentenced tomorrow, February 1, 2016, for her crimes. Shakil is the first British woman to be charged with such crimes and it is unknown exactly what her sentencing will entail. However, the scorned ex-wife of the young jihadi’s former husband says that Shakil deserves whatever sentence she receives from the court.


It was reported that Shakil took her toddler son to war-torn Syria using student loan money after fleeing Britain and leaving her husband of four years behind. However, the husband’s ex-wife says that Shakil was not always Muslim and says that when the young woman stole her husband away at the end of the pair’s marriage, she didn’t have a “Muslim bone in her body.” The ex-wife says she tried to warn Shakil about the man she had the affair with noting that the young girl, who was only 18 at the time, was very modern and wore revealing clothing to attract men. The ex-wife says she told Shakil that the new husband would force her to cover up like he did her and his previous wife but Shakil said it wouldn’t happen. In fact, the woman says that the young mistress claimed to have no religion and that she wouldn’t fall into that same position.

“When [Shakil] turned up at my door, she was a petite girl, dressed in skinny jeans and she looked modern. She asked me if I thought she was pretty, and she kept looking at herself in the mirror. She seemed so self-obsessed. That day I met her I didn’t see a single Muslim bone in her body. I asked her if she was religious and she said she wasn’t. Because she confessed the affair to me after I left him, I told her she was welcome to him. But I warned her about him. He is the most vile man I have ever known. Even talking about him makes me feel physically sick. I told her that he would change her, and would force her to cover up like he did to me and his other ex-wife. But she laughed it off, she didn’t believe me.”

After four years of marriage, it seems that Shakil was fully converted to Islam and became so radical that she left her husband and took her toddler son to Syria. After joining ISIS, Shakil posted numerous pro-terrorism messages to her Twitter account and attempted to recruit new jihadist fighters. It was noted that Shakil was able to leave the UK and join ISIS by booking a week-long vacation package to Turkey and crossing the border into Syria. After three months in Syria, Shakil attempted to cross the border back into Turkey but was eventually arrested at Heathrow Airport.


The woman was found guilty of the charges for joining ISIS and will be sentenced tomorrow at which the ex-wife of Shakil’s former husband says she “deserves whatever sentence she gets.”

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