How Bernie Sanders Is ‘Taking On The Billionaire Class’

The Burlington Free Press has announced that Bernie Sanders’ campaign gathered a record-breaking 3 million individual donations just in time for the Iowa caucus.

The Sanders campaign has always been about “people power.” By refusing donations from large corporate donors, Sanders promises to enter the presidency without a single obligation he must fulfill for his cashed-up backers. The white-haired Vermont senator vows that he will act on behalf of the many who contributed small amounts of money.

If he is elected, Sanders will break up the “too big to fail” banks that were bailed out in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. The democratic socialist senator also promises to raise the minimum wage, address the crippling student debt system, curtail the activity of the massive prison-industrial complex, invest in schools, decriminalize and regulate marijuana, support single-income parents and overhaul the welfare system.

Sanders staffer Jeff Weaver has written about the record-breaking number of financial supporters Bernie Sanders has gathered. Weaver expressed his joy that, together, working Americans have raised enough money to finally take on the billionaire class.

“When we started this campaign, no one gave us a chance. Together, we proved that when Americans stand together, we could raise enough money to take on the billionaire class. Thirty thousand contributions on our first day. Our millionth contribution in September. Two million in December. And a chance to reach 3 million before Iowa, just one month later.”

Daily Kos has just published an article explaining why Sanders’ massive group of supporters are fighting to put him in the White House. Sanders is “telling the truth” about the rigged system and his growing popularity is not actually about him: it is “the rise of ‘We The People.'”

“[Because he’s] telling the truth about the crimes of Wall Street, because he’s telling the truth about corporate capitalism, because he’s telling the truth about America’s corrupt political and economic and banking and media systems. He’s receiving record contributions from average Americans because they know this is no longer a democracy, because corporate politicians do not represent them.”

BFP explains that Sanders campaign has gathered a lot through email fundraising.

There is even a magic number Bernie fundraisers ask for: $3. This is Sanders’ “signature figure,” chosen because it is a modest amount that will make it possible for many to contribute and get involved. The Sanders campaign is about many voices, many contributions, and many hands working together — it is not about big money, indeed, it outright rejects big money.

Huge numbers of small donations will mean many people will be working together to replenish funds as the long election fight draws on.

“The email asks supporters to make a $3 donation, a signature figure for Sanders’ effort to build a broad base of donors who repeatedly give modest amounts of money.

“Asking for small amounts far below the federal limit for political donations creates a “bank” of donors that the campaign can turn to throughout the course of the election, as well as keep supporters engaged.”

Bernie is entering the Iowa caucus on a social media high as well, with supporters getting #NotMeUs trending.

The hashtag started trending in response to a Bernie Sanders call to action posted on the campaign page.

“Bernie has said it since day one: this campaign is not about him, it’s about you. Show your support on social media with a message including #NotMeUs.”

Supporters were encouraged to either retweet Bernie’s own post from his official account, or use some of the images and ideas provided.

A colorful array of #NotMeUS posts have already hit Twitter.

Some are critical of Bernie’s rival Hillary:

Some are celebrating the spirit of togetherness and people-power:

A number of people have offered strategic tips, so as not to be outdone by Hillary Clinton in the critical Iowa caucus:

Some people posted Bernie-spirited graphics:

Others celebrated the record-breaking fundraising achievement:

Others stated that Americans had better get used to seeing President Bernie Sanders:

Will Bernie Sanders be president?

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