Casey Anthony Victim Zenaida Gonzalez Arrested For Credit Card Theft

The woman Casey Anthony accused of kidnapping her daughter, Caylee, has been arrested for credit card theft. Zenaida Gonzalez was drawn into the spotlight when Casey Anthony used her name as a scapegoat for Caylee’s disappearance. Now, she is in the news again, this time for her own misdeeds.

Zenaida Gonzalez, 45, and her 26-year-old boyfriend, Jonathan Acevedo, were charged with grand theft and theft of a credit card. According to the Daily Mail, Gonzalez spent over $850 at Home Depot, 7-11, and other stores before being caught.

Twis Lizasuain of the Osceola County Sheriff’s department claims the investigation has been underway for just over a month.

“The investigation began in mid-December, an individual came forward indicated that his 64-year-old friend was in the hospital with a serious medical condition. While he was in the hospital, his friend got a notice that somebody might be using his credit card.”

Fox 35 Orlando stated that the victim is a cancer patient and is currently living at the Star Motel in Kissimmee. Gonzalez and her boyfriend live in the hotel and clean the carpets as a means of paying for their room. Lizasuain claims the credit cards were stolen while the pair were cleaning the victim’s room.

“While he was in the hospital, they were cleaning his room, they found the credit card in his room and began making making purchases on that card.”

The shopping spree only lasted two days, with stops at the Home Depot, 7-11, Sports Authority, and Walmart, to name a few places. Lizasuain claims that neither Gonzalez nor Acevedo put up a fight when they were arrested on Wednesday.

“They fully cooperated with the investigation and told detectives all the places they went to make those purchases and they said they did that out of desperation.”

Zenaida Gonzalez was able to bond out of jail on Wednesday evening with a $4,500 bail. Acevedo is still in jail.

Surveillance video was obtained that identified Gonzalez and Acevedo making purchases with the stolen credit cards. The videos were shown to residents of the motel, making it rather easy to lead officers to the whereabouts of Gonzales, according to Lizasuain.

“We took that surveillance video and showed some of the individuals that work at the motel, and they were able to identify both Gonzalez and Acevedo.”

Details of the actual items purchased have not been released. It is uncertain whether police plan to release the list at this time.


Zenaida Gonzalez has been in trouble with the law before. During her deposition in relation to the Casey Anthony case, Gonzalez was asked to speak about her past trouble with the law. In addition to the crimes spoken about during the deposition, Gonzalez was later in trouble for provided alcoholic beverages to minors.

Although Zenaida Gonzalez was freed of all accusations put forth by Casey Anthony, there are some who believe she is guilty of killing Caylee. Other’s believe that Casey Anthony ruined her life by making the false accusations. Yet, all evidence points toward Gonzalez’s deviant behavior being separate from the Casey Anthony Case altogether.

What’s most shocking about this case is that Gonzalez not only allegedly stole the credit cards, but she stole them from a man who is suffering from cancer. In addition, the man was in the hospital for treatment at the time.

At this time, Gonzalez is waiting for a court date.

What are your thoughts on Zenaida Gonzalez allegedly stealing credit cards from the 64-year-old man who is suffering from cancer?

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