New Dungeons, Hongmoon Levels Coming To ‘Blade & Soul’ In February

Over a million players are enjoying a tale of betrayal and revenge in NCSoft’s martial arts MMO game Blade & Soul. Although the game is just a week old, Blade & Soul is catching the eye of many players and the game’s developers plan to keep them satisfied. More content is on the way, and today much of that new content is dated for February 10.

Only days after announcing that more content was coming soon to Blade & Soul, developers of the game reveal that new dungeons, new Hongmoon levels, and the PvP preseason are coming in February. Players at the max level will be able to complete three new dungeons or improve their character further with new Hongmoon Levels in the upcoming “Rising Waters” update. Not to mention, the PvP preseason will launch with the update giving every type of player something to anticipate in the update.

Six max level players can take on foes in the new Bloodshade Harbor dungeon. A four-person Heroic version is also expected to release in February. Not to mention, a 24-player version of the encounter will also be available. This raid version is called Nightshade Harbor, and all versions feature Blackram pirate enemies. Players will face a number of swashbuckling adversaries in addition to Admiral Hae Mujin, Poharan’s boss.

Blade & Soul players that enjoy a single player challenge will be happy to know that Mushin’s Tower is also part of the “Rising Waters” update. This Heroic dungeon offers up a trial of levels each harder than the one before it for a single player. As a player reaches higher levels in the single player encounter, better items will be rewarded. In the upcoming update, seven floors of Mushin’s Tower will be available when the game patches with more floors to be added as the game expands.

Blade & Soul

Max level players will also welcome the new Hongmoon Leveling system in this update. While at the level cap of 45, players can begin to earn Hongmoon Levels for more skill points to further customize their character. Players will need to complete a certain quest to unlock the additional levels, and five Hongmoon Levels will be ready for players when the update launches.

On the player-versus-player side of things, “Rising Waters” will introduce the PvP preseason. Players can track their PvP progress in a new UI menu, they can earn Zen Beans to spend on PvP equipment, and they can prepare for the official launch of the first season of PvP combat in Blade & Soul. Zen Beans, the PvP currency in the game, can be spent to improve a character’s PvP prowess. Unsurprisingly, this currency is earned by battling other players. More details on the first season of PvP competition will be revealed as its launch date grows closer.

Blade & Soul

The expansion to the end game content in Blade & Soul comes less than a month after the game’s release in the west. After releasing on January 19, Blade & Soul developers soon needed more servers to meet player demand. After activating an auto-kick for idle players, locking character creation on some servers, and offering free transfers, more servers were still the only option. In the week following launch, 12 more servers were opened for players in North America and Europe in an effort to alleviate queues.

In fact, over one million players in the west have tried the martial arts MMORPG for themselves. As the Inquisitr reported, publisher NCSoft made an official announcement that over one million people in the west have played the game. It is important to note that the figure is counting actual players not merely characters made making the amount all the more impressive.

Blade & Soul is a free-to-play game with optional subscription. Players can download the game right now with no commitment from the official site. The game is relatively large, however, with a 22 GB download required to play. A full list of system requirements can be found in the Blade & Soul support center.

[Image via NCSoft]