‘Blade & Soul’ Developers Release Upcoming Content Teaser, Boast Over One Million Players In The West

Even though Blade & Soul is only about a week old in the west, more than one million players have experienced the free-to-play martial arts MMO game. The Wuxia tale of revenge lets players discover a highly-stylized world filled with betrayal and highly active combat. With seven classes, four races, and two major factions, any type of player is likely to find something that they enjoy in Blade & Soul.

As a free-to-play title, anyone can simply download and play Blade & Soul right now. With the barrier of entry being only a simple download, all an interested player needs to worry about is the time it takes to download and the bandwidth required. With that in mind, one million players is quite a feat for a new MMORPG in the west. According to the press release on PR Newswire, regular updates are planned for the game to keep those million players around while attracting even more interest in Blade & Soul.

Blade & Soul
Several of the playable races in ‘Blade & Soul.’ [Image via NCSoft]
In fact, developers of the game released a new teaser video of the upcoming content for Blade & Soul recently. High level players will need to tackle Vice Admiral Poharan, but other issues with the Blackram Pirates will surely crop up in the future. Although only a teaser trailer is available now, players will learn more about upcoming Blade & Soul content as the year marches forward. Previews, announcements, and overviews of future features are imminent.

The latest teaser for Blade & Soul does show off some breathtaking areas. A snowy environment is prominent in the trailer with massive foes, and the trailer also does justice to several interiors with other interesting and revealing NPCs. The teaser trailer ends with a brief preview of an upcoming class yet to be released in the west. The very end of the trailer shows off the Warlock class, a wielder of talismans and magic. The Warlock is also adept at summoning apparitions.

The milestone number of players enjoying Blade & Soul is not too surprising. Just a day after its western launch, developers of the game announced that more servers would open soon due to high demand for the game. As the Inquisitr reported, Blade & Soul launched with 10 North America servers and 12 European servers. Even after taking measures to alleviate queues like an idle kick function, free transfers, and character creation locks, too many players remained looking for enough server room to play the game.

The Thursday after the game’s release, just a few days later, six more Blade & Soul servers opened their doors to eager players. On Friday, another four servers opened bringing the total to 32 across North America and Europe. According to an NCSoft employee on the official forums, this exhausts the hardware available to the developers of the game. More hardware is on the way, however, and players can expect more congestion maintenance in the future. Even more servers are always a possibility, but no new servers have been announced at this time.

Blade & Soul is a free-to-play martial arts MMORPG from developer Team Bloodlust and publisher NCSoft. Players can buy NCoin to spend in the Hongmoon Store or subscribe to the game’s optional Premium Membership to support the game. Every time players spend real money on the game, they accrue Premium Points that increase their Premium Rank. A Premium Rank makes the Premium Membership even better as higher tiers are reached. Although the bonuses are only active while a player is an active Premium Member, any Premium Points or Rank reached remain even if the player unsubscribes. Once they re-subscribe, the Points and Rank will remain and reactivate.

Interested players can download Blade & Soul now. The game size in 22 GB and the full list of system requirements can be found on the official website.

Blade & Soul
Gliding in ‘Blade & Soul’ may be the best way to get around. [Image via NSCoft]
[Image via NCSoft]

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