Valentine’s Day Do’s and Don’ts

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and+ while most of us have an idea of what we want to do for that special someone, some of us just have bad taste. When making plans for Valentine’s Day, many people only think about what they like and completely forget to consider what their Valentine likes. Some people go for the usual – flowers and chocolates – year after year. We all need to remember that while some traditions are good to keep, some just become dull.

We’re not all blessed with the romantic gene, and sometimes we need to be told something is a bad idea. When planning a night for your special someone on Valentine’s Day, do not plan the date around what you love, but rather what makes their heart skip a beat. Huffington Post created a list of bad Valentine’s Day gifts, including Visa gift cards and gym memberships. When you decide what you want to give and do for Valentine’s Day, make sure the idea is heartfelt. Nothing is more underwhelming than a gift you picked up last minute because you didn’t know what to get them. That just screams, “I didn’t put any thought into this!”

Never give that special someone tissues like these for Valentines day. (Photo by: Larry Crowe/ Ap images)

When planning for Valentine’s Day, remember to consider the other person! Think about what they like and find them something they would not expect you to get them. Bustle gave a few tips for taking that special someone out, such as if you know the one you care about is athletic, take them rock climbing or go for a run with them.

Also, your date does not need to be at night! Take your date out during the day and have an adventure. Be different! If you do decide to go traditional, find a way to make it a little unusual. If you give your Valentine the same night every year, it will no longer be special. Another way to make your Valentine’s Day better is to find the perfect gift for each other. Instead of the standard flowers and chocolates, go for something new! Romper has a list of different ideas for the special people in your life, including ideas for short- and long-term partners.

The best way to know you’ve designed the perfect Valentine’s Day is to plan ahead. Throughout January, listen to your special someone. Most of the time, they will give you hints as to what they would like. If you pay attention, it will be easy to find them the perfect gift. Also, while planning your gift, visit the stores your Valentine shops at regularly. It will be much easier to find them something if you are familiar with the shops they frequent. On the other hand, if it’s your first date, traditional is the way to go. Buy them chocolates and flowers, but with a spin. Add something sweet (maybe a handwritten note) that shows you gave it a little extra effort and put some thought into the date.

This is the best way to go traditional and still keep that special someone happy. (Photo by:David J. Phillip/ AP images)

If you realize things are going downhill once you’re on your date, you can still save the night. There are ways to salvage bad dates according to If you get to this point, ask your date if they would like to go for a walk, ask them about what they like, and try to start a conversation. And if you find yourself debating with your date on a hot topic, try to steer the conversation to a topic you can both agree on. There is a high likelihood you can find something you both agree upon and continue your nice Valentines date.