Hillary Clinton Threatened By Bernie Sanders: Is He The Next Barack Obama?

For a while, it looked like Hillary Clinton had the Democratic nomination clinched. But just like Barack Obama torpedoed in early 2008 to top Clinton, Bernie Sanders may be doing the same. In fact, Sanders is closing in on Clinton in the polls. ABC News has the story.

“Bernie Sanders is narrowing Hillary Clinton’s national lead less than two weeks before the crucial Iowa caucuses, according to a new poll released Tuesday. The Monmouth University poll shows Clinton with 52 percent support from Democratic primary voters nationwide and Sanders with 37 percent. Sanders climbed 11 percentage points in the Monmouth poll, his highest support yet.”

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Hillary Clinton is losing her lead. [Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]
ABC News adds that Hillary Clinton led by 35 percent in the Monmouth University poll released in mid-December. They also add that Sanders’ support is obviously bolstered by liberals, even though Clinton still leads by huge margins with African-Americans and Latinos. Clinton holds this lead despite trying a little too hard to attract minorities. As Mashable explained, Hillary might have gone a little too far recently.

“Hillary Clinton’s campaign is facing backlash online over a post aimed at Spanish-speaking voters. ‘7 ways Hillary Clinton is just like your abuela,’ or grandmother, reads a new post on the Clinton campaign’s website.”

The post shows a photo of Clinton and former president Bill Clinton holding their granddaughter, Charlotte, and declares the Democratic presidential candidate isn’t afraid to talk about the importance of “el respeto,” which means “respect” in English. Clinton’s post shows her pandering in the most obvious way, using quotes from “La Raza” and posing with stars like Marc Anthony — as if he represents all Latinos.

Despite the backlash, Clinton has certainly upped her rhetoric against Sanders. Time quotes Clinton talking about Sanders at Simpson College in Indianola, Iowa.

“In theory, there are a lot of things to like about his ideas. But in theory isn’t enough. A president has to deal in reality. I am not interested in ideas that sound good on paper but will never make it in real life,” Clinton said to the audience.

Time adds that Sanders has proposed a healthcare plan that would replace the current Affordable Care Act. Sanders’ plan would require an increase on taxes for the middle class. Instead of starting over, Clinton stressed at the event that she wants to work with the Affordable Care Act by strengthening it.

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Sanders and Clinton both disagree on healthcare. [Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]
Meanwhile, both the HRC (Human Rights Commission) and Planned Parenthood have decided to endorse Hillary Clinton. Accordinig to Slate, Sanders doesn’t care.

“Bernie Sanders’ ‘political revolution’ has added the Human Rights Campaign and Planned Parenthood to its list of potential targets. On Tuesday night’s episode of the Rachel Maddow Show, the candidate told Maddow that he didn’t lose any sleep over losing the nonprofits’ endorsements to Hillary Clinton because they, like her, are ‘part of the establishment.'”

Sanders has just released a new inspirational ad for his campaign ahead of the Iowa Caucus. According to the Huffington Post, it is a 60 second spot which includes the song “America” by Simon & Garfunkel. The author, Nadya Agrawal, notes how the people in the audience are primarily white, but strategically so since the intended audience is both in New Hampshire and Iowa.

At first it was a long shot, but now it’s a shot — Bernie Sanders could become the Democratic nominee for the presidential race. If Sanders wins the nomination, do you think he can become president? Let us know in the comments section.

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