Van Gogh Exhibition To Display ‘Bedroom’ Paintings For The First Time In North America

The Chicago Tribune has reported that the three versions of The Bedroom, painted by iconic artist Vincent Van Gogh in the late 1880s, will be on display for the first time in North America.

More than 30 works by the late Dutch painter will be on display at the Art Institute of Chicago along with the three versions of his 1888 painting, The Bedroom, which offers the only account of the interior of the famed Yellow House in which he lived while he was in Arles in the south of France.

Vincent Van Gogh’s painting ‘Self Portrait with a Straw Hat’ (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

The historic Yellow House embodied Van Gogh’s dream of a “Studio of the South” for ambitious artists in the 19th century. It was intended to be shared with fellow famed painter Paul Gauguin and foster a community of like-minded artists working in harmony to create art for the future.

According to The Tribune, Van Gogh’s Bedroom exhibition will offer a digitally enhanced reconstruction of Van Gogh’s actual bedroom in Arles, France, which is considered the most famous chambre in the history of art; Allowing viewers the opportunity to dive into the mind and physical space of one of the 20th century’s most beloved and often-misunderstood artist during the creation of his late 19th century masterpiece.

Van Gogh’s first painting of his Bedroom was created in 1888 after just moving into his beloved Yellow House in Arles, France. The admiration he had for his first painting along with the works stability being threatened by water damage, forced Van Gogh to recreate his masterpiece by painting a second version while at an asylum in Saint-Remy in 1889. The third version, which is a smaller depiction of the bedroom, was created as a gift for his mother and sister a few weeks after making the second version. When observing the three paintings side-by-side, one is able to point out the distinct and unique details of each painting which consists of Gogh’s bedroom and its simple furnishings.

"Bedroom in Arles", painted by Dutch master Vincent Van Gogh, is put on display next to another version of the same painting, at the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Tuesday Sept. 3, 2013. Van Gogh is known to have painted three treatments of the same subject, his bedroom at 2, Place Lamartine, in Arles, France. On the left is the first version, painted in October 1888, which belongs to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, Netherlands. On the right is the second version, from September 1889, on loan from its usual home at the Art Institute of Chicago. A third version, also painted in September 1889, hangs in the Musee d?Orsay in Paris. (AP Photo/Peter Dejong)
“Bedroom in Arles”, painted by Dutch master Vincent Van Gogh (AP Photo/Peter Dejong)

The exhibition is unprecedented in terms of allowing art fans in North America the opportunity to explore the history and inspiration behind these three paintings, while gaining a sense of Van Gogh’s position at the time of creation.

Van Gogh’s Bedrooms is set to run from February 14 through May 10, 2016, and will feature lectures, film screenings, and performances featuring Chicago actors reciting letters written by Van Gogh throughout his life.

More details on the Exhibition provided by Time Out Chicago follow.

Lecture on Van Gogh’s artistic influences
6 p.m., February 25. Rubloff Auditorium

Lecture on Van Gogh’s Bedroom paintings
10:45 a.m., February 24, Morton Auditorium. $38
Registration is open February 2–9; to register, contact Nancy Swanson at

Lecture and screening on Van Gogh in film
6 p.m., March 17, Griffin Court
6 p.m., March 3, Fullerton Hall
Learn how Van Gogh has been depicted by filmmakers over time in a series of clips taken from feature films, documentaries, and shorts. Stay for an additional screening of Alain Resnais’ Van Gogh (1948).

Film screenings
All screenings in the Price Auditorium.
Vincent (1987) 6 p.m., April 7
Lust for Life (1956) – 1 p.m., April 8
Vincent & Theo (1990), 1 p.m., April 16
Van Gogh (1991), 1 p.m., April 23
The Eyes of Van Gogh (2005), 1 p.m., April 30

Performances of Van Gogh’s letters
6 p.m., April 14, Fullerton Hall
2 p.m., April 17, Fullerton Hall
Chicago actors reenact the life of Vincent Van Gogh using language and scenes drawn from his letters and those of his family after the artist left home, and before he moved to southern France for some of his final years where he produced some of his most celebrated work, including The Bedroom series.

[AP Photo/Mark Schiefelbein]

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