Machine Gun Kelly’s Surgery: Infection Eating Arm To The Bone, MGK Rapper Richard Baker In Hospital

Machine Gun Kelly’s surgery just barely managed to save the rapper’s arm from being eaten to the bone by an infection. Richard Colson Baker, who is better known by his stage names MGK and Machine Gun Kelly, reported the incident from his Twitter account over the weekend. While Machine Gun Kelly has not told the world exactly what happened to cause the health scare, the good news is that he was hospitalized just in the nick of time.

So far, all fans know about the incident has come from Twitter and Instagram. Late on Sunday, Machine Gun Kelly’s Twitter account surprised fans with this message.

“Well, this was unexpected,” he said. “Surgery time.”

The rapper left his fans hanging in the wind for details until after the operation was complete. In the middle of the night, he asked if anyone was up and gave more details about what happened.

“Surgery went well. Thanks for asking. They won’t release me from the hospital though until test results indicate they don’t have to do it again,” MGK explained. “I just wanna be sure my left arm will be fully functional again after this.”


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Machine Gun Kelly said the doctors told him that if he had waited just 12 more hours to be hospitalized then he would have likely lost his arm.

“The infection would’ve gotten to my bone. You know what that means?” he asked, making his point about amputation pretty clear by using emojis for a knife and a strong arm.

At this point, Machine Gun Kelly’s surgery seems to have been a success since he is no longer talking about losing an arm to the knife. Instead, he has been complaining about the hospital’s nurses and counting down the days.

MGK may not be completely out of the woods yet. A recent Instagram photo shows his arm covered in blood and bandages, although it may be his right arm since the left arm was shown covered in bandages on Snapchat. Even in recent tweets, Machine Gun Kelly never explains which arm he is talking about, or whether the blood is from an accident with the IV needle, but it is not exactly a pretty picture.

Still, it is probably a good sign when the patient is cracking jokes; although fans cannot be sure if he’s referencing a video or the fact that the Star Wars villain lost a hand. Fans can hope that Machine Gun Kelly’s health scare will be over soon and he will be able to return home with his arm still intact.

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