Tom Hanks’ Son Chet Haze’s Bizarre Meeting With Rapper Machine Gun Kelly

Tom Hanks’ son Chet Haze has been all over the place this week thanks to his recent antics. Now, we’re learning that another caucasian rapper, Machine Gun Kelly, had a very bizarre meeting at a club with Chet Haze. By now this comes as no surprise whatsoever that Haze doesn’t exactly come off looking like the best guy in this next story.

Upcoming rapper Machine Gun Kelly was on Complex TV’s “Well Rounded” segment, an online show that discusses hot stories. Machine Gun Kelly, or MGK as his fans like to call him, hung around to commentate on the hottest stories.

When Haze came up as a topic of conversation, due to his use and defense of the N-word, MGK right away takes issue saying, “He used the N word? Jesus Christ, Chet. This mother f—– has three strikes with me already.”

Of course MGK couldn’t just leave it with that, so he explained to the hosts what happened when he met Tom Hanks’ son at a club one night. The rapper broke it down in strikes. Although he said he had three strikes, it turned out to be six as the conversation kept on going.

“His three strikes is one, he came up to me in a club on a night I was hosting. First he said to me, ‘If you’re hungry you gotta take it right?’ I said, ‘What the f— are you talking about?’ And he said, ‘This rap s—. If you want it, you gotta [sic] take it.’ I’m like, ‘Man it’s not the time for that.'”

Then he continues, explaining that he introduced himself in the most awkward way possible. “Strike two, he said ‘I’m Tom Hanks’ son.’ Don’t ever introduce yourself as a celebrity’s f—— kid.” Needless to say, MGK wasn’t impressed by the introduction.

Lastly, strike three, which was broken down to an additional three more strikes that happened at the end of the night, and is the shadiest part of the story.

“Strike three, [He] paid my boy $500 to get on the mic. He laid it on him. You know what he did? He gets on the mic, spits some rap, and the whole dance floor is like, ‘shut up.’ The best part is he comes up to my boy outside and said, ‘Hey man, I need my $500 back.’ So, we get in the car, [he] opens the car door and tries to snatch my man out of the f—ing car.”

So it’s safe to say that Tom Hanks’ son doesn’t have a fan in Machine Gun Kelly.

Check out the video of MGK breaking it down for Complex.

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