Who Is Amber James Of ABC’s ‘The Bachelor’ 2016 Season With Ben Higgins?

Ben Higgins is looking for love on ABC’s The Bachelor 2016 season this winter and Amber James is one of his bachelorettes. Fans know that this is not Amber’s first journey with the franchise, but could this spin do the trick to help her find everlasting love? What do viewers need to know about Amber James?

Amber James first showed up on Chris Soules’ season of The Bachelor last winter and then she headed to Mexico for Season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise. As Reality Steve‘s spoilers detailed, Amber did not last all that long on Chris’ season, being eliminated three episodes into the season. She did slightly better on Bachelor in Paradise, showing up a few episodes into the season.

James managed to get dates with Dan Cox and Justin Reich before being eliminated, and she expressed an interest in more than one bachelor during her time on the show. She had some dramatic moments in this season and there was some drama during her time in Mexico as she was interested in Dan, but he really did not reciprocate her feelings.

Not long after Bachelor in Paradise ended, word came out that Amber was headed to Ben Higgins’ season as one of his Season 20 bachelorettes. However, she has sworn via her Instagram that this is the last time she will be showing up on a franchise show.


As for Amber’s day-to-day life, she lives in Chicago, Illinois and works as a bartender. James is 30-years-old and she shared via Twitter that she is half-Scottish and half-African American. A few years back, it seems that this Bachelor contestant entered a “Chicago’s Hottest Server” contest and she has also done the Polar Plunge several times to raise money for the Special Olympics.

This Bachelor contestant’s LinkedIn page notes that she has an associate’s degree from Kankakee Community College in northeastern Illinois, where she seemingly grew up, and she worked at Timothy O’Toole’s Pub as a server before moving over to the Wit Hotel to work at the front desk. She does list her current occupation as bartender, and it would seem she has fully embraced the hospitality sector.


James’ ABC profile notes that she cannot live without her brother, her best friends, her mom and her teddy bear. Amber loves both animals and travel. She notes The Lion King, A Bronx Tale and Reservoir Dogs as her favorite movies.

Amber has a brother named Otis and she also speaks very highly of her mom, Kathy. This bachelorette fears loving someone and having them not reciprocate those feelings, and she sees marriage as being part of a life-long friendship where the two people are there for one another.

Other tidbits from Amber’s Twitter page would indicate that she is an avid sports fan and she loves award shows like the Golden Globes and the Oscars, as well. She has maintained quite a few relationships with fellow “Bachelor Nation” folks since her initial appearances, particularly a friendship with Samantha Steffen, and she can get a bit snarky about her experiences on social media.

Is Amber’s third try within the Bachelor franchise the one that finds her long-lasting love? Reality Steve‘s spoilers tease that she will get a group date rose from Ben Higgins in Episode 3, but her luck may run out in Episode 4.


Bachelor fans have been a bit divided in their reaction to Amber joining the Season 20 cast this winter. Will this third time be the charm that brings James what she has been looking for, or will she be striking out entirely? Fans can check out Ben Higgins on ABC’s The Bachelor 2016 airing on Monday nights to see if the sparks fly between Ben and Amber James.

[Image via Amber James/Instagram]

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