ABC’s ‘The Bachelor’ 2016 Spoilers: Ben Higgins’ Season 20 Elimination Order Teased By ‘Reality Steve’

ABC’s The Bachelor 2016 season starring Ben Higgins airs this winter, and fans cannot wait to see this new season. Will Ben find love after being stuck essentially in the friend zone with Kaitlyn Bristowe during her season of The Bachelorette? Reality Steve’s spoilers are breaking down the Season 20 eliminations, and viewers can’t wait to see if he got it right.

While most leads usually have 25 bachelors or bachelorettes to choose from, Reality Steve’s spoilers tease that Ben Higgins will meet 28 ladies on the first night. There will be quirky entrances and sparks flying during the January 4 premiere, and it doesn’t sound as if anything too atypical happens in that premiere episode.

Steve’s Bachelor spoilers detail that seven ladies will be eliminated after the first night: Breanne Rice, Isabel Goodkind, Jessica Moser, Laura Esselman, Lauren Russell, and Tiara Soleim. While Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate that Russell came back and tried to convince Ben to let her stay, he reportedly said no.

Episode 2 takes place in Los Angeles, and three ladies will head home. Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers tease that there will be a group date with 10 bachelorettes filmed at a high school, and JoJo Fletcher gets the group date rose. Caila Quinn gets a one-on-one date while another six ladies get a group date with some compatibility testing. Olivia Caridi gets that group date rose. Lauren Barr turns down a rose at the rose ceremony and heads home while Jackie Dion and Sam Passmore are eliminated as well.

During Episode 3, Steve’s Bachelor spoilers indicate that another four ladies will head home. Higgins has a one-on-one date with Lauren Bushnell, an individual date with Jubilee Sharpe, and a group date with 12 of the bachelorettes. Lace Morris reportedly leaves during the cocktail party, as Reality Steve’s spoilers detail that she and Ben just didn’t seem to click. Jami Letain, Mandi Kremer, and Shushanna Mkrtychyan are said to be eliminated at the rose ceremony.

When it comes to Episode 4, Ben and his remaining 14 ladies head to Las Vegas. Bachelor spoilers tease that Ben and JoJo have a one-on-one date, and returning bachelorette Becca Tilley does as well. Many will remember Becca as the runner-up last year on Chris Soules’ season of The Bachelor, and as Us Weekly confirmed, she is back in Season 20 looking for love with Ben.

'Bachelor' star Becca Tilley
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There is also a group date in Episode 4 that involves a talent show. Reality Steve’s spoilers reveal that Lauren Bushnell got the group date rose, and there will be some tension as Olivia called Ben out for kissing too many ladies.

Before the rose ceremony, Ben will take twins Emily and Haley Ferguson out together, and they head to their mom’s house since she lives in Vegas. Though Ben keeps Emily, Bachelor spoilers indicate that Ben eliminates Haley there. Amber James, another Chris Soules’ cast-off, and Rachel Tchen are eliminated at the rose ceremony.

The Bachelor spoilers indicate that Ben and his remaining 11 ladies head to Mexico for Episode 5, where Amanda Stanton gets an individual date involving a hot air balloon. Lauren Himle also gets a one-on-one date, whereas the other nine girls get a group date and Olivia gets the rose. Reality Steve’s spoilers reveal that Jubilee is eliminated during the group date and Jen Saviano heads home at the rose ceremony.

'Bachelor' contestant Caila Quinn
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Episode 6 was filmed in the Bahamas, and Caila gets another individual date. There is a group date with six of the ladies, and Amanda scores that group date rose. This episode also features the dreaded two-on-one date, with Emily and Olivia getting this one.

Olivia is said to be at the center of a lot of drama this season, but her Bachelor journey ends on this date. In addition, Ben sends Leah home when she complains to Ben about not getting an individual date, and he cancels the cocktail party. Lauren H. is then eliminated at the rose ceremony.

Next up is Episode 7, where Ben takes his remaining six ladies to his hometown of Warsaw, Indiana. Reality Steve’s spoilers share that Lauren B. gets another individual date, and she gets to meet some of his friends and hit some of his favorite places.

JoJo gets another one-on-one date as well, and this one involves Wrigley Field while Emily gets a chance to go with Ben to spend time with his parents. The other four ladies have a group date, but Reality Steve’s spoilers tease that Amanda gets some alone time with Ben later in the date after earning the group date rose.

Steve’s Bachelor spoilers share that Ben sends Emily home after taking her to meet his parents, and Higgins eliminates Becca at the rose ceremony. Ben’s final four in Season 20 are then Amanda Stanton, Lauren Bushnell, Caila Quinn, and JoJo Fletcher.

'Bachelor' contestant Amanda Stanton
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The hometowns happen as usual at this final four stage, and according to Steve’s Bachelor spoilers, Amanda is eliminated at the rose ceremony. The overnight fantasy suite dates take place in Jamaica, and it is said that Caila is eliminated after those. That leaves JoJo and Lauren as Ben Higgins’ final two, per Reality Steve’s spoilers.

If Steve’s Bachelor spoilers are accurate, Ben Higgins proposes to Lauren Bushnell, and the two are now engaged. In fact, Steve has said that Ben fell hard for Lauren midway through filming and that many of the other women even knew this. Will Reality Steve’s spoilers regarding Ben Higgins’ final rose be correct in Season 20? Fans can’t wait to find out, and the journey begins on January 4.

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