Khaleesi The Pit Bull’s Throat Slashed In Dallas, Texas Fire, Firefighters Suspect Arsonist Of Animal Cruelty

Khaleesi the pit bull is one fortunate dog. Named after a Game Of Thrones character, the pit bull barely managed to survive a house fire in Dallas, Texas. Firefighters discovered the pit bull’s throat had been slashed but managed to save the dog from dying. Authorities believe it is possible the Dallas fire is a case of arson, and it is possible the arsonist committed the act of animal cruelty just before lighting the blaze.

The house fire was at a home on Clearwood Drive in southern Dallas. Witnesses saw flames pouring out the front door and they told the police they had seen someone spreading gasoline inside the home. Six firefighters say they had extinguished the flames and had begun searching the property when a brown and white pit bull approached them.

“She was strong and she was the sweetest thing,” said firefighter Joe Nguyen, according to WFAA. “She came to us for help.”

They also realized there was a pit bull puppy, but what surprised them the most was the injuries to the mother. Her neck had been cut deep twice by someone.

Pit Bull Throat Cut
“We looked at it and it was a real fresh cut. It was pretty deep,” Nguyen said. “We were pretty upset for the fact that somebody would do that to an innocent animal.”


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The Dallas firefighters treated the wounded pit bull like any human patient. They quickly took her back to the fire station, bandaged her slashed neck, and made her as comfortable as possible. An animal rescue organization called DFW Rescue Me helped arrange for the pit bull to see a vet. The surgery took about three hours, but fortunately it is expected for the pit bull to make a full recovery. The little pit bull puppy, now named Little Joe, was not injured by the fire.

Since the dog was found in a house fire, the firefighters decided to name her Khaleesi the pit bull after Daenerys Targaryen.

“Khaleesi is a character from Game of Thrones that kind of rose from the fire,” said Nguyen. “And that suited her.”

Khaleesi Daenerys Targaryen Fire
The firefighters suspect that whoever lit the house fire also cut the dog’s throat. Authorities believe the house was vacant, although they’re uncertain whether the arsonist also committed the animal cruelty. No arrests have been made related to the case so far.

Nguyen is the owner of two pit bulls and he was horrified by the case. He says he has never seen a case of animal cruelty like this before. He says the “heartbreaking” part is that the pit bull was obviously a sweetheart since she was behaving so well despite having a grievous injury.

“Everybody who has dogs knows they are just like family,” said Nguyen. “For someone to do something like that just breaks my heart because she didn’t do anything. She was just an innocent dog that was there.”

Khaleesi the pit bull will be slowly recovering from her throat injury. DFW Rescue Me is taking care of the mother and its puppy, and they are expected to be put up for adoption within several weeks.

“The bills are going to stack up, so we’re going to help them raise money to take care of her and her puppy too,” said Nguyen.

For more information on how to help Khaleesi the pit bull and Little Joe, visit

[Image via Dallas Fire Department]