Cheapskate Hillary Clinton Admits She Didn’t Bring Gift To Donald Trump’s Wedding, Went For The Entertainment

The Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton admitted in a recent interview that she didn’t bring a gift when she attended Donald Trump’s Palm Beach wedding. Hillary says that she brought the business mogul “nothing” when he married Melania in 2005. While she admits to coming to the wedding empty-handed, she said that at the time of the wedding Trump was “supportive” of a “lot of causes” that she cared about so attended out of respect for his donations to those charities.

The Daily Mail reports that the current Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton attended the current GOP front-runner’s wedding in 2005. When questioned about her attendance at the now Republican presidential hopeful’s wedding, Clinton says that she attended the Palm Beach wedding simply because he was “somebody she knew in New York” that contributed financially to causes that were close to her heart. She also claims she went for the “entertainment” as she thought it would be a circus.

“He was basically a Democrat before he was a Republican. He was, you know, somebody we all knew in New York, and he was supportive of Democrats and supportive of a lot of causes I care about and people I knew cared about.”

Though Hillary says that Donald Trump “used to be a Democrat” she acknowledges that he “seems to have taken another road” now that he is running for presidency on the Republican ticket. Trump has acknowledged his past as a Democrat. However, Trump has claimed his political beliefs have been fluid and he has learned over time that he is more Republican than Democrat. Therefore, in 2012 he changed his voter registration to the Republican ticket and never looked back.

Bill and Chelsea have recently joined Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail. [Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images]

Though Trump says he is now a Republican, others have questioned his sincerity, noting that he has given heft donations to Hillary Clinton’s campaigns in the past along with donating to the Clinton Foundation. These contributions, according to Hillary Clinton, are what led her to attend his wedding in 2005. She noted that Trump donated to her campaigns in 2002, 2005, 2006, and 2007 and that he provided $100,000 to the Clinton foundation.

The donations made by Trump obviously weren’t enough to make Hillary feel obligated to bring a gift to his wedding, so we can assume no under-the-table deals were made by the business mogul and Clinton as she seems to have been rather distance from Trump despite attending his wedding. Though Hillary and Donald are not close friends, Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka has been close friends with Hillary Clinton’s daughter Chelsea for some time. The pair reportedly felt close as they both had similar upbringings in the public eye and had faced family scandals.

Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton

Sadly for the Chelsea and Ivanka, it seems the presidential race is taking a toll on their friendship. As both their parents sling insults at the other, the pair have claimed they are putting their friendship “on hold” until after the election.

“In the beginning (when Hillary and Trump announced their presidential bids) it was lighthearted. Everything was OK. Since then, it has gotten very strained.”

Though their relations are “strained,” both women are handling the negativity with class and say that there is no “bad blood” between them. However, the same can’t be said for their parents. Both the Clinton campaign and Trump campaign continue to attempt to break down their opponent on the other side and the insults keep flying.

Donald Trump
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump flashes thumbs up after an address to a group of supporters at a campaign stop at the Flynn Center of the Performing Arts in Burlington, Vt., Thursday, Jan. 7, 2016. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

What do you think about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s past relations? Do you think the pair are downplaying their past mutually beneficial friendship in order to distance themselves from their competitor. Or do you believe Clinton when she says she only attended because he contributed to the Clinton Foundation?

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