Bernie Sanders Powering Towards White House — ‘Little Spark Has Grown Into Wildfire’ [Report]

Bernie Sanders’ climb from a political long shot to a serious presidential candidate has been described as “stunning” in a new report by US Uncut.

Bernie Sanders has hit a new personal high. There appears to be no stopping the Vermont senator, who has refused to accept large corporate donations and establishment favors, but whose campaign certainly shows no signs of stalling or weakening — many say Bernie Sanders looks destined for the White House.

“What started as a little spark in the greater American political spectrum is now growing into a full-fledged wildfire.”

Sanders began his campaign in Vermont, seeking small donations rather than big favors. Sanders’ popularity surged rapidly, and today he is more popular than many of his competitors who accept money from big oil, big pharma and other corporate donors.

Sander promises that if he enters the White House he will spend his time as president acting on behalf of the millions of people who put him there — not on behalf of Wall Street, big business or the notorious military-industrial complex.

Sanders is especially popular for his “break up the banks” rhetoric. The senator promises that if he becomes president, he will break America’s biggest banks into smaller companies within the first year of his term. This stance has been popular with Americans who saw their savings plummet, their job prospects dwindle and their quality of life decline following the 2008 financial crisis, which was caused by Wall Street risk-taking.

The banks were bailed out, and the American people had to foot the bill, according to The Guardian.

Bernie Sanders’ support has hit 39 percent nationally, according to the latest polling data from Fox News. This means he has climbed since December, when Sanders was polling at a healthy 37 percent in a NBC poll.

This number is Sanders’ highest yet, and the presidential favorite is even outperforming President Barack Obama. At this time in 2008 Obama was trailing Senator Sanders’ present numbers by 9 percent.

Obama, of course, went on to secure the White House in 2008, beating Hillary Clinton for the Democratic candidacy. Back then, Hillary Clinton was also considered the favorite and even “inevitable.” Barack Obama showed what a strong grassroots campaign, savvy handling of the media, and an appeal to progressive values can do.

Will Bernie Sanders repeat Obama’s performance, besting Hillary, and then his Republican rival?

If the polling data is any indication, the Vermont senator certainly seems on track to do so.


Some argue that American voters yearn for a “truly progressive” candidate, and that is because the Obama presidency has actually been a disappointment in many ways. The Atlantic describes how there is much disillusion with Obama. One source of this disillusionment is reportedly the current president’s approach to state violence against African Americans.

“State violence against African Americans is nothing new. Yet the fact that it continued when an African American was ostensibly running the state convinced young African American activists that Establishment liberals, even black ones, would not, of their own accord, bring structural change. Only direct action could force their hand.”

In other words — voters may be looking for a truly “anti-establishment” candidate who will push for change in these areas where Obama let voters down.

“Black Lives Matter developed in the wake of the failure of the Obama administration,” Cornell sociologist Travis Gosa told reporters. “Black Lives Matter is the voice of a Millennial generation that’s been sold a bad bill of goods.”


Sanders is popular with the Millennial cohort — the Vermont Senator has spoken out against the crippling debt university graduates are saddled with, as they move into an uncertain job market.


The Democratic nominee has supporters from all walks of life. A cooperative called “Artists for Bernie Sanders” has sprung up, listing the name of artists and cultural leaders who are “excited to endorse a new vision for our country.”

“It’s a vision that pushes for a progressive economic agenda.

“It’s a vision that creates jobs, raises wages, protects the environment, and gets big money out of politics.

“We endorse Bernie Sanders to become the 2016 Democratic Nominee for President of the United States of America.”

Will Ferrell, Zoe Kravitz, Mark Ruffalo, Susan Sarandon, Steve Wozniak and Sarah Silverman are among the cultural figures who have expressed their support for Sanders.

Just today rapper Tyler, The Creator was spotted wearing a Bernie Sanders t-shirt.


Will Bernie Sanders be president?

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