German Gunman Kills Four People, Commits Suicide Following Girlfriends Eviction

The eviction of a German female from her apartment led to the death of four people on Wednesday after her heavily armed boyfriend opened fired on the homes new owner, a court bailiff and two other people. After the shootings the man turned the shotgun on himself and committed suicide.

The shooting which occurred in the German city of Karlsruhe led to a commando team storming the apartment.

Also killed during the rampage were the man’s girlfriend and a locksmith who was found dead on the floor. The bailiff and new owner were found with their hands bound on the couch, dead from gunshot wounds to the head.

Karlsruhe police chief told the Associated Press:

“It was a terrible crime” and “Nothing could be done to stop it and nothing could be done to save them.”

The suspects name has not been released because of German privacy laws. The shooter had no history of violence before the shooting.

The apartment had been sold at auction after the female fell behind on her payments, the bailiff, a locksmith and a social worker showed up at the location to evict her.

Police attempted to negotiate with the shooter but ten minutes before noon they smelled smoke from inside the apartment which led them to breach the apartment to find a carpet on fire.

Found inside the apartment were long magazines, two pistols, a dummy hand grenade and plenty of ammunition.