President Barack Obama: The Gun Control Illusionist

Barack Obama being applauded

Barack Obama, a man truly so bound, ball and chain, to his idealistic world view, or malevolent dictator? Often in life, there are only two definite paths, good and evil. Light side of the force or dark side of the force. President Barack Obama seems to be constantly seduced by the unconstitutional dark side.

In this day and age of PC madness, a disclaimer should probably be placed here that the above is wrought with extreme sarcasm, but nevertheless posing a serious inquiry of the mind. Now, all of these things seem silly, but truly the man continues to buck the very “law of the land” that restrains him and Congress from stepping outside of their very strict, regimented set of duties.

The 2nd and 10th amendment do not agree with President Obama’s gun control push, and never have.

Constitution Clipping

It is unclear what presents itself as more disarming and disturbing, the media cheering unconstitutional presidential decisions, or an American president pushing them. There was a newspaper nonchalantly discussing President Obama “acting alone” or going around Congress, as if this is a constitutional norm, just par for the American course.

The left is always passionately desirous to label anyone but themselves as racists, yet President Obama and his leftist allies keep pushing legislative concept that is in fact deeply racist. Oh the irony! The KKK, Jim Crow, and other laws in the time of slavery helped keep black Americans repressed by denying them the proper arms to defend themselves or revolt. A Salon writer, who is not exactly on the “conservative right-wing,” rightly points out that gun control laws would again affect minorities and be selectively enforced.

There is no life saving, magical, mythical end to violence by any measure of gun control laws, and their history is proof positive enough to that fact.

President has been pressured to declare war on “gun violence” and he has finally responded, but have Americas’s wars to eradicate [enter emotionally charged cause here] actually solved the problems they allegedly set out to resolve?

For some reason, Democrats love wars more than Republicans. That is not a partisan statement, but a simple fact. Though they did not start the infamous U.S. War on Drugs, they have continued it, and under President Obama, ramped it up. Many Democrats, Republicans, and others have realized it was a mistake, and is not working at this point. So, why would President Obama and his leftist colleagues bother? They hope you won’t think of it in this manor, or think at all.

Obama’s executive “actions” are spend more money, more federal involvement in local matters, and, kill a lot of trees… or rather, send a lot of memos. It is pretty much Barack Obama’s executive orders or “actions” in a nutshell.

Yet again, as many have asked for most every bill that President Obama has pushed since 2010, if it was so quintessential, why not push it through when he had both houses of Congress?

While President Obama makes political checkmarks, his city of Chicago bleeds. As mentioned in this writer’s Inquisitr opinion piece from June of last year, the last time gun control came into the fore of public discussion was after a young South Carolina gunman murdered several members of a local church. As usual, when it’s in the spotlight, there you will find Obama. Chicago still retains its murder capital status, as the city kicked off the New Year with two new murders. President Obama’s city, where he “community organized” for years, still has yet to have its gun violence quelled.

More regulations and restrictions on guns, or anything for that matter, hurt the poor. How you might ask? Some of President Obama’s EOs determine who can sell guns by registering everyone by social security number, and no doubt a ton of paperwork and hoops to jump through. So, instead of someone going to a gun show to sell their guns as a means to make money or simply keep the lights on, they might be regulated out of business.

Lest we forget, last, but certainly not least, how can President Obama lecture law-abiding citizens about their gun sales, but conveniently forget about his Justice Department funneling guns into Mexico that murdered many, including two American border patrol agents like Brian Terry. Operation Fast and Furious took 2,000 guns just over the border to be sold to suspected criminals that were linked to Mexican drug cartels for two years.

It didn’t work, and President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder simply lost track of those guns. Needless to say, it is probably hard to fathom or find a number that represents the needless death of Mexican and American children’s lives.

Border Agent Brian Terry

These are the same people lecturing you about who you sell your own guns to, and have detailed how you can sell them. Hypocrisy bound in irony.

In presupposition, gun control, no matter what you call it or how you dress it up, restricts law-abiding citizens, and every minuscule step brings you closer to the erosion of the Second Amendment. It is as unsurprising as a lawyer lying that every dictator, before subverting his people, took their guns away. That is not a dig on President Obama, nor his leftist friends, it is mere historical fact.

As we head into the Obama presidency’s home stretch, at what point is he going to quit playing politics and on our emotions and solve real problems. The economy and healthcare are worse. The very violence that allegedly moves him is the same or worse. At what point, do we address the real issues surrounding it? Lack of opportunity, poverty, and in part pure pathology and mental illness. How does clamping down on honest, law-abiding, responsible citizens remedy that?

Granted, this very topic presupposes that government has any role to begin with. This might be – likely is – the root to all of the above’s problems.

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