Bedbug Extermination: Woman Douses Couch In Alcohol, Sets Fire Leaving 30 Homeless

E.B. Hawkins

A Kentucky woman accidentally set fire to an apartment complex after her attempt to rid her apartment of a bedbug infestation turned horribly wrong, according to MSN Now.

In an ill-advised attempt to exterminate the pests, the woman came up with a plan to douse her couch in alcohol to try and kill the bugs. After she fully covered the love seat in the alcohol, the woman then made the mistake of accidentally dropping her cigarette on the couch, instantly igniting the extremely flammable piece of furniture.

According to Lex 18, the fire quickly spread from her apartment to another, sending flames shooting into the air that could be seen from several blocks away.

"I was scared to death for my husband because he was in the apartment," says resident Vicky Bussell.

"It damages you. It's hard when you lose everything."

The fire that resulted from the attempted bedbug extermination caused 30 people to lose their homes. Of those 30, six families lived in the apartment building and ten families lived next door.

Firefighter's spent hours trying to contain the blaze that sent four people to the hospital for smoke inhalation. One of those people was the mother of Jackie Bond.

"My mom's bed ridden. I take care of her everyday. I don't know where I'm going to take her, I don't know what to do," Bond says.

"I guess I just work until we build everything back up," adding,

"Everybody's alive. As long as everybody's alive, I'll find a way. I'll have to."

The Red Cross assisted the families with food and water and were working on finding them a place to stay.

What do you think of this woman's attempt to get rid of the bedbugs in her apartment?