'Botched' Doctor Paul Nassif Sued By Former Patient

Amy Feinstein

Paul Nassif, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon and star of E!'s hit show Botched, is being sued by a former patient who has some serious complaints about a surgery allegedly gone bad. Eric Klein is complaining that after a nose job to correct breathing problems, he can no longer close his eyes. To blame is a tendon allegedly broken during the nose job.

Since his divorce from Real Housewives former star Adrienne Maloof, Nassif has largely stayed out of the news, but his surgical partner Terry Dubrow got sucked into some Real Housewives drama this fall, as his wife Heather is on RHOC, according to the Inquisitr. The Dubrows became embroiled in Brooks Ayers' cancer controversy when it was insisted that Dr. Terry Dubrow could confirm the cancer, as he treated him. Both Heather and Terry Dubrow deny any communications with Brooks Ayers.

"Klein says it did not go well. He says his eyelid was not closing properly when he went for the post-op visit and they passed it off as a result of swelling. Time passed and Klein says his condition got worse, so Nassif referred him to some colleagues, who blamed it on a pre-existing condition."

Klein is also alleging that Nassif's colleagues tried to cover up the surgical error.

"Being six years old and making this realisation in a way felt like my childhood was taken away from me. I wasn't that happy little girl anymore and I started to be afraid to meet new people, stand in front of class."

Candace was devastated by the appearance of her nose, and how it made her feel about herself.

"My nose looks like a mountain with lots of bumps and ridges."

She says she was teased endlessly, and when the chance arose to meet Paul Nassif, she jumped at the chance.

Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow questioned the decision for Candace to have such extensive surgery at an early age.

Candace's surgery was a total success, and she ended up having her self esteem repaired in the process.

"To summarize, you're both Type A psychos who want high-risk surgery done on the center of your face," Dr. Dubrow joked while inspecting the patients. "This one's yours buddy," he told Dr. Nassif.

But the sisters did not seem offended by the characterization by Dubrow.

"'Type A Psycho just means that you are kind of neurotic, but you are also motivated,' she told the camera, while Tannaz added, 'You are just straight crazy.'"

The sisters said that they knew right away after their earlier surgeries that something wasn't right.

"After my first surgery I instantly knew after I got my cast off that I did not like my nose. One side of my face looked completely different than the other side of my face," she told the cameras.

Do you think that Paul Nassif had anything to do with this error?

[Photo courtesy of Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]