Enraged Man Allegedly Stabs Girlfriend 80 Times Because She Wanted To End Their Relationship

After 22-year-old Jordan Taylor’s animal lover girlfriend Laura Davies, 21, told him that she didn’t want to be with him anymore, he flew into a violent rage, allegedly stabbing her 80 times as she pleaded for him to stop, reported the Mirror. On July 3, 2015, police officials say the violent attack occurred inside of Davies home at Essex Horse and Pony Protection Society in Basildon, Essex, where she also worked as a groom.

Although Davies had already ended her relationship with her boyfriend, the pair continued living together as she didn’t want Taylor, who is unemployed, to be homeless. However, just moments after Davies cooked dinner for the both of them, it was reported that an argument ensued that led up to the woman’s brutal death. As she ran outside to escape, Taylor followed behind her throughout the horse sanctuary, stabbing her repeatedly.

Witness Bruce Siequin told police officials that “As I was walking down the stretch of road as if I’m going towards the train line I heard screaming.” That’s when he “looked over to see what was happening.” He stated that he could see “Someone standing with a knife in their hand and stabbing downwards.” He immediately called the police who arrived at the scene 15 minutes.

When officers Sergeant John Woodley and Pc Alan Ratnage arrived at the scene, they discovered Jordan Taylor hunched over Davies near a bush – who was still alive at that point, covered in blood. He was immediately placed in handcuffs. After Sgt. Woodley seen Davies’ injured body as she laid on the ground wearing only her pajamas, he said “My first thought was that she was dead when we were a slight distance away. When I came nearer I realized she was alive. I saw her eyes moving backwards and her lips moving.”

“She faintly said ‘help’. At the time I did not know what I was thinking. It was horrendous. I pulled her arm and felt a very faint pulse.”

However, after Davies was rushed to a local hospital, she was pronounced dead at approximately 10:27 p.m. Officers say the attack was so brutal that the knife Taylor used to stab his girlfriend 80 times with was bent at a “45–degree angle,” according to the Daily Mail.

The Essex Horse and Pony Protection Society released a statement after learning of Davies’ brutal death, they said, “Laura was dedicated, caring, compassionate and hard working with a true love for all the animals here at the sanctuary. They certainly loved her very much too. A beautiful and very special girl who will be so missed by us all.”

“It has been our privilege and honor to have had Laura as part of our team.”

A medical examiner stated that Davies was stabbed “18 times in the face, six times on her right arm, 18 times on her left arm, 15 times on her torso, six times on her right leg, eight times on her left leg, eight times on her back, and three at the back of her head.”

During Yaylor’s court hearing today at Chelmsford Crown Court, prosecutor Peter Gair told the judge that, “We say her life was taken by this man during a sustained and brutal attack with a knife. She suffered 80 knife wounds to her body. That attack was as a direct result of her telling the defendant that their relationship was over. Whether it was motivated by jealousy or anger of a mixture of both and other emotions, he exacted a terrible revenge on her which caused her to die at the scene.”

Taylor denied murdering his girlfriend, but surveillance footage captured the 9-minute attack. It showed Taylor stabbing his girlfriend as her body limps back and forth. Once her body stops moving, the suspect was seen dragging her body to another location, where he finished her off.

However, the “trial continues.”

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