Katherine Timpf Calls Hillary Clinton A ‘Fake Feminist,’ Says She ‘Attacked And Shamed’ Husband’s Sexual Assault Victims

Hillary Clinton has been called out as a “fake feminist” by Fox News contributor and writer Katherine Timpf. The feisty writer says that she will “not stop talking about” Hillary’s anti-woman past because the Democratic front-runner is basing her campaign on being “feminist” and “pro-women,” However, Timpf says that Hillary is anything but feminist as she has no problem trampling and destroying other women for her own political gain.

The Blaze reports that Fox News contributor Katherine Timpf is taking to Twitter to take on presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton. Timpf did not sugar coat her feelings about Clinton’s “pro-woman” political campaign and says that Hillary has no right to call herself a feminist since she has spent years “ruining the lives” of women who accused her husband of sexual assault, rape, and various other sexual offenses. In fact, Timpf says that Hillary “attacked and shamed” these women until they were completely ruined.

The attack against Hillary came with a list of all of the women who have accused former POTUS Bill Clinton of sexual assault, rape, and unwelcome sexual advances. The list included 25 different women from varying backgrounds who claim they had bad dealings with the Clintons regarding Bill’s alleged sexual escapades.

Timpf does not attack Hillary for believing her husband’s word against that of the women involved in the alleged incidents, but rather attacks her for “ruining the lives” of the women involved for her own political gain.

Katherine points out that the actions of Bill Clinton may not be relevant to Hillary’s campaign, however, the way in which Hillary handled those allegations should be on the forefront for voters. Timpf goes into detail about some of the personal attacks against the women associated with Bill’s sexual escapades, including the infamous “trailer trash” comment regarding Gennifer Flowers.

It isn’t just the conservative Fox News contributor who is taking issue with Hillary Clinton’s choices regarding her husband’s sexual scandals. In fact, even feminists are calling Hillary’s choices “appalling.” Back in 2014, it was noted by feminist writer Melissa Harris-Perry in her book Big Girls Don’t Cry that Clinton “made an appalling choice as a feminist” regarding how she handled her husband’s affairs. It was noted that Clinton could not be criticized for choosing to stay with her husband. However, she could be criticized for refusing to speak out in defense of the “barely-older-than-teenage girl” her husband had reportedly harassed. Instead, Harris-Perry says Clinton used the incident to create sympathy for herself and to further her own political career.

Now it seems that many are standing up once again to point out Hillary’s “anti-woman” past and remind the public of Clinton’s attack against the women who were allegedly victimized by her husband.

What do you think about Katherine Timpf’s calling out of Hillary Clinton as a “fake feminist?” Does Hillary’s past attacks of her husband’s many mistresses and alleged sexual assault victims bring into question whether or not she truly is a feminist or just taking advantage of the current political climate? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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