Donald Trump Prepares For Huge Ad Campaign, Says He Will ‘Spend Big’ In Early Primary States

Could it be that Donald Trump is finally starting to feel the heat? The GOP frontrunner is preparing for an ad blitz in the states that will host the first Republican primary elections in early 2016 and true to form thus far, the billionaire real estate mogul will bankroll the entire endeavor himself. According to CNN, Trump will begin spending $2 million a week on ads in places like Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina after the start of the new year.

Speaking with reporters Tuesday evening, the billionaire turned aspiring politician said his forthcoming ads will cover hot topics including, “border security, trade and protecting the nation from the threat of ISIS.” Trump touched briefly on the appearance that the race grown into a contest over the course of the past few weeks, saying that does not want to “take any chances” heading into important elections and caucuses.

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Although the Trump campaign drew up a budget for $25 million in political ads in 2015, that money was ultimately not needed according to a report by Fox News. But as the political landscape shifts heading into the primaries, the campaign is more than ready to spend heavily where and when it counts most.

“Our Super PAC is Donald Trump’s bank account,” said one Trump adviser when discussing the vast financial resources available to augment campaign efforts.

Fox News also reports that Donald Trump is working with a Florida-based advertising firm and other companies to produce their political ads, some of which are already prepared for the airwaves.

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Although Trump still leads the Republican field in national polls, Ted Cruz has emerged as a strong contender in Iowa, where the first primaries of the 2016 election cycle will be held on February 1. In averages compiled by Real Clear Politics, Cruz leads Trump by around three percentage points. Donald Trump enjoys stronger leads in New Hampshire and South Carolina, where voters will head to the polls later in February.

Despite stiff competition by Ted Cruz in Iowa, though – and Marco Rubio, to a somewhat lesser extent in other states – Donald Trump’s imminent ad blitz is purportedly not intended as a platform for negative campaigning. For what it’s worth, Trump has already shown his penchant for sniping at fellow Republicans in interviews and via social media, including his continued drubbing of one-time GOP favorite Jeb Bush. Earlier this week, Trump took new shots at Bush via Twitter, despite the fact that the former Florida governor has slipped to the lower echelons of the field of candidates.

Donald Trump has also posted an irreverent take on his own campaign spending thus far, again acknowledging that he will be ramping up paid advertisements in the near future.

Although Trump’s momentum and his war chest are formidable variables when it comes to navigating the ins and outs of the GOP primary season, some outlets are predicting that the reality show celebrity will fall short of the Republican nomination when it’s all said and done. Citing models assembled by PredictWise, The Week projects that Florida senator Marco Rubio will ultimately get the party’s nod to vie for high office, followed by Ted Cruz, and then Mr. Trump. But Donald Trump has proven himself as resilient, if nothing else, and it is highly unlikely that he will be content to accept anything less than a big win when the Republican convention kicks off in July.

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