Cat Toys You And Your Pet Desperately Need, From The Unique To The Insane [Video]

We compiled a list of the top unique and insane cat toys that you and your pet desperately need. Why? Well, because they’ve been invented, they’ll keep your cat busy, and a busy cat means more time for you to relax. Cats are born with an innate instinct to hunt, tear, prowl, and pounce. If your cat isn’t getting his or her needs met, you won’t just have a cranky feline on your hands, but you may also find your cat is destroying your home. By giving your cat toys to play with, and not just any cat toys, but toys that are designed to meet your pet’s instinctive needs, you can keep your cat happy and satisfied and your home in one piece.

It might sound a bit gruesome, but cats like to tear prey to shreds. It’s true. After a cat is through playing games such as cat and mouse, and once a cat has caught a rodent like a mouse or rat, they shred them. If you’re finding pieces of paper shredded to bits around your home, keep in mind that your cat isn’t trying to make a nest, but rather exercising his or her desire to tear into smaller animals flesh.

According to the book PetSpeak: Share Your Pet’s Secret Language! cats shred paper and pounce on things such as newspaper because of their instincts to hunt.

For cats, stalking and pouncing on the newspaper is a warmup for the hunting they’ll do as adults.

“Paper seems to have a special appeal. The way pets attack and shred paper is similar to the way their ancestors would shake and shred prey. The fact that paper tears easily is probably an added incentive for cats. Just as they scratch tree bark to mark their territory, scratching at paper leaves a visual reminder that they were there. Paper may be even better because the claw marks show easily,” says Michele Arnoto, programs manager of Tree House Animal Foundation in Chicago.

As most domesticated cats are not running around tearing prey to shreds, they will tear up paper, cardboard tubes, newspaper, and the like. You can prevent this by giving your cat toys to pacify his or her needs and ensure that your pet is not bored. A bored cat quickly becomes a mischievous cat.

Cat Toy Puzzle Feeder: This will keep your cat entertained for hours while he or she is enjoying meal time.

Here is a review of the Petmate Jackson Galaxy Go Fish Cat Toy Puzzle.

Cat Amazing Cat Toy

This is another treat puzzle cat toy that is challenging as well as fun.

This cat toy is absolutely insane. The homeowner actually installed a phenomenal cat playland inside his home. Check it out.

The Pet Safe window veranda is an excellent way for indoor cats to enjoy the outdoors. While some might not think of this as a top cat toy, the enjoyment and relaxation it provides for cats states otherwise. Cats can cool off while being protected from bugs or outdoor predators. They can watch the activities outdoors such as birds, wildlife, or even passer-bys. A window veranda is an excellent choice for anyone looking for unique cat toys.

Check out some of the cat toys, and unintended toys in this compilation video of funny cat moments.

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