New 'Deadpool' Red-Band Trailer: Seven Things You Can Expect From February's Deadpool Movie

In the spirit of Christmas, the folks behind Fox's forthcoming Deadpool film have given us a second, longer look at the Merc with a Mouth. Already psyched no doubt over a 2016 calendar that's full to bursting with comic book movies, Deadpool fans got an extra special present under the tree with the arrival of a new red-band trailer for Deadpool, due out this February.

What's to be gleaned from the new trailer? Well, it looks like fans can find out a bit more about the jolly merc in the red suit, and there are at least seven bits in the new Deadpool trailer that should have fans waiting with bated breath until mid-February rolls around.

First up, fans got a look at the Big Bads that Deadpool is going to face off against. It looks like one of the higher-ups in the Weapon Plus Program is going to be Wade Wilson's main adversary, as the trailer voiceover implies that Ed Skrein's Ajax character is the one that kidnaps Morena Baccarin's Copycat character, who happens to be Deadpool's main squeeze.

At Skrein's side will be Gina Carano as Angel Dust. It's been known for a while that Carano was going to play a role in the Deadpool film, but fans can now get a first look at Angel Dust in action. It looks like Carano is going to pack quite a punch when Deadpool hits the screen, as Angel Dust is shown leveling super-strong fan favorite Colossus with just one blow.

Also readily apparent throughout the trailer was the fact that one of Deadpool's primary traits is apparently going to make it into the movie. If the asides to the screen and direct addresses to the camera are any indication, it looks like Deadpool is going to be full of the sort of fourth wall-breaking commentary that Deadpool has been known for in the comics.

Of course, we also knew that Deadpool was going to have appearances from some of Marvel's more sane mutants, and the trailer gives fans a look at both Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead in action. Quick glimpses, yes, but enough to know that Fox largely got the looks right for both characters and appears to have tweaked Negasonic Teenage Warhead's abilities to enable her to go head-to-head with Angel Dust.

Another possible X-Men cameo you might have missed involves a lesser known character. A little past the one-minute mark, we catch a glimpse of a patient in the Weapon Plus program with some pretty gnarly bone protrusions sticking out of her back. It's not confirmed, but it looks like this could be Marrow, one of the more underutilized characters in Marvel's mutant stable.

All those X-Men features make it plain that Fox is sticking to its word and making sure that the Deadpool movie will be firmly set in the existing X-Men cinematic universe. That's likely a relief to fans that are hoping that this or the next Deadpool film can see a cameo by Cable or any of the other Marvel mutants.

We also get a look at what looks like an early-on reveal of Deadpool in action. That shot where Deadpool is fighting someone in the midst of a fire: that looks like Wade Wilson escaping from the program that gives him his healing factor and trains him to be deadlier. What gives it away? There's the fact that the future-Deadpool is wearing a hospital gown, which doesn't seem like the sort of gear Deadpool trades his signature red spandex for willingly.

Finally, it seems like Fox knows what the base for the Deadpool movie wants, and this trailer looks like it's chock-full of fan service. It's ultraviolent, of course, with Deadpool decapitating one baddie only to kick his head directly into the head of another enemy. That and the seemingly endless number of headshots signal that this film is going to earn its hard "R" rating, and that's the sort of thing Deadpool fans are going to love.

On top of that, there's Deadpool's statement that it's "time to make the chimi-f*****g-changas." Longtime Deadpool fans will recognize the Merc with a Mouth's fascination with the odd-sounding food in that line, so that's a plus. There's also the fact that the movie does seem to actually integrate the car scene test footage. It's that footage that leaked to the net, went viral, and proved to Fox that there was in fact enough fan support out there to make Deadpool viable.

Deadpool opens in theaters on February 12. Has the new red-band trailer for Deadpool got you excited? Did you put on your white pants before watching?

[Photo by Sandy Huffaker/Stringer, Getty Images.]