Gina Carano Signs On For ‘Deadpool,’ Plus Reports Of An X-Men Favorite Making A Cameo … But Which One?

Deadpool fans have just under a year to go before they can catch Ryan Reynolds bringing the Merc with a Mouth to the big screen, and Friday brought word of a big addition to the cast of Fox’s Deadpool movie. Burgeoning action star Gina Carano has reportedly signed on to join the cast of Deadpool, and she’s not the only new addition X-Men fans can look forward to: another X-favorite is also said to be in the mix for Deadpool.

News of Carano’s casting comes by way of The Hollywood Reporter, which claimed on Friday that Carano had just closed a deal with Fox that would see her teaming up with Reynolds in Deadpool. Reportedly, Carano will be taking on the role of Angel Dust, a character who in the Marvel comics is a member of the underground mutant group known as the Morlocks.

Carano’s casting will give Deadpool a worthy female ally – or rival – as the actress’ background in mixed martial arts means that she will be able to bring a physicality to the role of Angel Dust that few others in Hollywood could match.

T.J. Miller – of Silicon Valley renown – will also be joining Carano and Reynolds when Deadpool hits the screen. The report doesn’t detail which character Miller will be playing, but his background in comedy could indicate that he will be taking on the role of Hydra agent and reluctant Deadpool sidekick, Bob. Given that Marvel likely owns the sole rights to the use of the name Hydra, though, the Deadpool movie might have to find some other nefarious organization to have Miller working for.

x-men deadpool colossus
Deadpool’s reluctant sidekick, Bob, could be making an appearance when Deadpool hits the screen next year, as well as X-Men fan favorite Colossus.

One other snippet of news on the Deadpool flick: it appears that at least one fan-favorite X-Man will be popping up in the course of the film. THR‘s report claims that Deadpool fans can look forward to seeing Colossus take the screen next year as well. The extent of Colossus’ screen time in Deadpool is unknown, but the fact that he’s mentioned by name this far ahead of the film’s February 12, 2016, release date would seem to indicate that he’ll have a big role in Deadpool— at least more than he has in previous X-Men movies.

Deadpool is something of an anomaly, even in the wild world of comic book movies. The movie was initially underway with Ryan Reynolds in the title role before it was apparently scuttled by the bigwigs at Fox. Some time ago, test footage of the movie leaked to the internet, and Deadpool fans went wild at the sight of their favorite character so accurately brought to life for the screen. That fan excitement, according to Reynolds, is actually the reason that the movie was brought back to life, resulting in the Merc with a Mouth getting his own solo movie set for release next winter.

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