Lakeisha Holloway Facebook Photos: Pictures, Video Of 24-Year-Old Holloway Examined After Lakeisha Crashed Into Las Vegas Pedestrians

Lakeisha Holloway has been named as the driver who struck pedestrians in Las Vegas. Lakeisha is 24-years-old, and her Las Vegas Strip actions, as reported by the New York Daily News‎, have gotten Holloway booked on charges of open murder. Now, Facebook photos of Lakeisha and videos of Holloway’s deadly actions are being examined for possible motives to the horrible crime. One Facebook photo of Lakeisha is eerily of the Las Vegas Paris hotel, with Bally’s seen in the background in the Facebook photo from 2012.

lakeisha facebook account video [Image via Facebook/Lakeisha Holloway]According to Heavy, these are Facebook photos of Lakeisha from the photos page of the La’Keisha Holloway Facebook account. That Facebook page says Holloway studied at Portland Community College. Facebook photos and Facebook comments from La’Keisha on Facebook show Holloway saying she was in Miami on October 23.

Other Facebook photos show LeKeisha with a young girl. It is unknown if she’s the young 3-year-old child who was reportedly with Holloway when the Oregon woman slammed into people on Sunday, December 20. The deadly car ride that Holloway took on the Las Vegas Strip left at least one person dead.

A Facebook photo of Lakeisha from December 11, 2012, shows Holloway looking much different on Facebook compared to the mugshot photo of Lakeisha. In the Facebook photo from three years ago, Holloway has her hair straightened and makeup on that gives Holloway a clear visage as she stares into the camera.

Lakeisha uploaded a Facebook photo on October 8, 2012, which shows Holloway pregnant, likely with the 3-year-old that appears in other Facebook photos a short while after Holloway’s very pregnant Facebook photo appears.

Eerily, there’s a Facebook photo on October 8, 2012, of the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas posted to Holloway’s Facebook page. Bally’s can be seen in the background. There are no comments on that photo on Facebook on Lakeisha’s account.

According to Facebook, a search for “Lakeisha Holloway Oregon” is a popular search, with more than 6,200 people talking about Holloway on Facebook. Other popular searches include “Lakeisha N. Holloway” and Holloway’s full name without her middle initial, with more than 57,000 people talking about Lakeisha on Facebook.

The below Facebook screenshot photo shows Holloway communities with Lakeisha’s name have been set up, along with Facebook results for women with the unfortunate same Holloway name on Facebook who aren’t the same Lakeisha that committed the crime in Las Vegas.

La'keisha holloway facebook [Image via Facebook]As reported by the Clark County Detention Center, Lakeisha also faced charges of not stopping at the scene of a crime that Holloway committed when Lakeisha ran over people with her vehicle. Holloway is also charged with child endangerment and abuse, although the child in the car with Holloway was reportedly not physically hurt.

It was around 6:40 p.m. Las Vegas local time when Holloway slammed into people on purpose on Las Vegas Boulevard, say police and witnesses. Lakeisha seemed stoic and didn’t appear to be upset by what she did, claim authorities. One woman has died as a result of Holloway’s actions: 32-year-old Jessica Valenzuela of Buckeye, Arizona.

Lakeisha might have been homeless and living in her car with her daughter. Holloway was estranged from the father of her daughter. The cause of Lakeisha’s actions are still trying to be determined. Terrorism has not been 100 percent ruled out, although cops say it isn’t likely in Holloway’s case.

Lakeisha injured at least 37 people in her Las Vegas sidewalk driving rampage, reports ABC News‎. The publication states that the video of Holloway running over pedestrians will be part of the evidence examined in the crime.


The above photo of Holloway was provided by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. On Facebook, the photos of Holloway tell a more personal story, but Lakeisha’s Facebook account doesn’t tell enough to know why Lakeisha would drive into crowds of pedestrians on the Las Vegas Strip, killing one person and hurting dozens.

On Twitter, a variety of accounts named Lakeisha Holloway could be found, but none attributable to the Holloway in question. No Instagram accounts for Lakeisha were readily found.

[Photo by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department/AP]