Zombie-Themed Restaurant Opening, No Word If Brains Are On The Menu

Though zombies and sit-down dining don’t really seem like they’d go together, the wacky Japanese are giving us a chance to find out for sure with zombie-themed restaurant that is opening in Tokyo on July 13.

The ambitious restaurant will be called the Biohazard Cafe and Grill S.T.A.R.S restaurant. Does that sound familiar to all of my gamer readers out there? Good, it’s supposed to. The restaurant is beyond simply taking cues from the popular Resident Evil video game franchise, it’s a full-on dining adaptation. (For non-gamers familiar with the Resident Evil film series: it was a video game first and is called Biohazard in Japan).

Capcom, the company behind the Resident Evil media franchise, is planning on selling limited-edition goodies at the undead diner and will also entertain customers with dance performances by game characters, according to TheVerge. Not sure how that’s going to work, but there it is. Though I suppose I could go for a side of Jill Valentine with my zomburger…

Unfortunately, the restaurant is a short-time deal and will only be open for about a year, according to Kotaku.

We don’t know what will be on the menu, but because Japan is different, actual brains of some kind might find their way to the menu. If they do, Damien Casten of Candid Wines opined that they’d better have a fine selection of spirits.

“Of course, this assumes that you are simmering the brain in a cream sauce,” he recently told The Huffington Post. “This also assumes that you have time to treat the brains gently, and that will often mean soaking them in milk for a few hours.”

Cool story, bro.

Are you going to make the pilgrimage to Tokyo to eat brains at the Resident Evil-themed restaurant?