Terminally-Ill Woman Sued By Ex-Husband For Writing Insults On Memo Line Of Alimony Checks Which Caused 'Emotional Distress'

A New Jersey man is suing his terminally ill ex-wife for "emotional distress," which he claims resulted from "insults" she wrote on the memo line of alimony checks. The wife was ordered to pay $800 per month in alimony to her ex-husband following their divorce. However, she requested support payments be reduced after she was diagnosed with cancer and medical bills began increasing. A judge denied her request, and said she must continue making the payments to her ex-husband. Therefore, the woman began writing comments in the memo line of her alimony checks each month, including calling her ex a "bum" and "loser." One check had a memo that read, "alimony/ adult child support." Now the ex-husband is claiming that the check insults have caused him severe "emotional distress" and resulted in a heart attack. He is suing his terminally-ill ex-wife for more money as a result of the alleged "emotional distress," despite her continued on-time alimony payments.

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A photo of one of the alimony checks sent by the woman to her ex-husband was uploaded to Facebook by the man's law firm. [Image via Facebook]The Daily Mail reports that a New Jersey man is suing his ex-wife over insulting check memo lines. The man says that his ex-wife is writing memo notes on his alimony checks that are emotionally distressing and causing him so much stress that he had a heart attack. The man's lawyers are now suing the ex-wife on his behalf, noting that the memo line notes were designed to "intentionally inflict emotional distress" on the man.The issue came about after the pair got a divorce and the ex-wife was ordered to pay her husband alimony in the amount of $800 per month. The alimony, or "adult child support" as she calls it on one check memo, has been continually paid on-time, but the ex-husband says that isn't enough. The man is claiming that insulting memo lines on each check is resulting in his emotional distress and that it must be stopped. The woman has made a number of memo notes regarding the man as a "bum" and "loser," while calling the alimony deal "adult child support." Despite the claims of emotional distress, the ex-wife says that the memo line is a note to herself and that she can write whatever she wants on it.
"As far as I'm concerned I can write anything I want on the memo line because it's a note to myself. I was the victim in that marriage. What more blood does he want from me? I pay him religiously."
However, the alimony memo note battle is not the only battle the ex-wife is facing. The woman says she is now suffering from terminal cancer that started in her lungs and has since spread to her bones. She says that following the terminal cancer diagnosis and the need for increased medical care, she filed to have her $800 per month alimony to her ex-husband reduced. A judge denied her claim and ordered that she continue to pay the alimony to her ex-husband who she was married to for 10 years prior to the divorce.The ex-wife says that her ex-husband isn't the only one who had emotional distress due to the marriage. The woman says that she was humiliated when a friend pointed to her to the Facebook page of a law firm that had uploaded a photo of one of her checks, calling it harassment. The caption on the uploaded Facebook photo read, "'Alimony for the man! What's funny is that the now ex-wife so hated paying our client -- the husband -- $800 per month for the next six years as alimony and she had written Alimony/Adult Child Support in the memo of the weekly checks -- until we put a stop to that harassment."

The woman says that she received a letter from the law firm telling her to stop the memo notes or face legal action. She is now being sued by her ex-husband for the emotional distress resulting from the memo line notes.

What do you think about the emotional distress lawsuit being filed by the ex-husband? Do you think the ex-wife is wrong or can she write whatever she wants on the memo line of her check?

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