‘Weed Not Greed’ Nationwide Legalize Marijuana Tour Will Visit 33 Cities

The “Weed Not Greed” cannabis legalization movement embarks on a nationwide tour on August 17, visiting 33 cities in 22 days. A summer tour across America was organized to draw attention to the “re-legalize” cannabis movement and educate voters about the benefits of the plant. “Weed Not Greed” will depart from the Seattle Hempfest. The group behind the “Weed Not Greed” tour will also focus on freeing “innocent individual incarcerated due to unconstitutional cannabis prohibitions,” according to the Cannabis Information Network. The “Weed Not Greed” participants support the “right for anyone” to grow, consume, posses or distribute cannabis, the Sacramento Bee reports.

Raising the issue of legalized or decriminalized marijuana to the importance of a key election topic is also a major component of the “Weed Not Greed” tour. Excerpts from a recent Gallop Poll republished by the Cannabis Information Network note that a majority of Americans favor the legalization of marijuana. The health benefits of organic cannabis along with the potential economic benefits through increased tax revenue and decreased court and jail costs could help the issue garner support in mainstream America.

Struggling rural communities where marijuana is typically already grown illegally, could benefit the most from marijuana legalization and decriminalization law changes. Jobs created through state regulated farms and dispensaries could be as important to such impoverished areas as a coal or natural gas boom.

“We are making clear that our minds are the sovereign property of each individual and the freedom to choose states of mind is a constitutional a right as freedom of religion and the pursuit of happiness,” “Weed Not Greed” activist David Krane stated in the Sacramento Bee.