Marco Rubio On Why Donald Trump’s Stance Toward Syrian Refugees Is Just A Publicity Stunt

Marco Rubio, a 2016 presidential candidate, doesn’t agree with Donald Trump’s outlook on the Syrian refugee crisis. While this may seem like quite the surprise, Rubio and Trump don’t always agree on everything. Rubio, for instance, seems to think Donald Trump’s idea to ban all Syrian immigration to the U.S. is essentially just a publicity stunt. Marco told NBC News that this is The Donald’s way of trying to “recapture the limelight” after he has lost it.

It’s fair to say that Donald Trump has a history of using controversy to score the attention of the public and the media, as he has been accused of making offensive remarks about disabled people, latinos, and women. Rubio is currently third in the national GOP Polls, with his 16.7 points trailing only two others, Senator Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, in that order. It’s possible Rubio feels that he and the other Republican Party candidates aren’t getting the time and attention they deserve to have their ideas heard, though Rubio did also admit that Trump touches on issues that are on everyone’s minds.

Maro Rubio (second from right) alongside other contenders for the GOP presidential nomination in 2016. [Image VIa Joseph Sohn, AP]

It should be no surprise, then, that Trump’s stance on Syrian refugees is to keep them out of the United States. Many who support this view argue that the immigration background checks are not, and could never be, thorough enough to guarantee that those admitted to the U.S. from abroad are not involved in terrorist activities. Proponents of letting Syrian immigrants into the U.S. argue that not every Muslim or even the majority of Muslims are likely involved with terrorist activities.

It is possible that Donald’s remarks are a ploy for attention, as Rubio suggested, especially when one considers his ludicrous promises to build a wall that would keep all Mexican immigrants out and make Mexico foot the bill. It seems the more outrageous and offensive Trump is, the more attention he’s paid by press outlets on both sides of the aisle. Rubio and his fellow Republican Party candidates certainly seem frustrated with this at the presidential debates, and that frustration sometimes takes the form of veiled insults or a push for more time from the moderators.

It’s pretty clear that the Republican Party is largely divided over this and other issues, though Rubio does seem to agree with Trump’s views on gay marriages and abortions. As Inquisitr mentioned, Rubio recently hinted that if he were president, the Supreme Court would reverse the laws passed under President Obama, which made gay marriage legal and made it illegal for public officials to refuse to marry a gay or lesbian couple.


Rubio believes the new gay marriage laws are a violation of one’s constitutional rights, specifically Freedom of Religion, as accepting gay marriage is against the religious beliefs of some in the Catholic faith.

Marco Rubio speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference in National Harbor, Maryland, Feb. 27, 2015. [Image Via]

As the LA Times mentions, Rubio has rejected Trump’s notion that all Muslims should be banned from immigrating to the US. Rubio instead proposes that America work with Muslim communities to combat the extremist ideas of ISIS. Perhaps ironically, ideas close to Rubio’s have also been echoed by President Obama, who has argued that keeping Muslims out of the country will only fuel the fire of hatred against the United States. Rubio and the other GOP candidates have also pointed to the fact that Donald Trump is a businessman with no political experience, and some do not trust him to be running the country due to this fact. Trump has not yet responded to the comments by Rubio, but it is likely he will do so at some point.

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