Will Code 4 Latte: Homeless Woman Looks For Programming Work On The Streets

A homeless Australian woman has taken to the streets to try and find work using her iPhone 4, laptop and the closest wifi hotspot according to MSN.

Adelle Hartley studied Mathematics and Computer Science, but after her work contract ended six months ago she can no longer afford a place to live, leaving her only with her iPhone 4 and laptop to update her website and Facebook page.

“I’d rather be connected than have a place to stay,” the 39 year-old told NineMSN.

Hartley does admit that some people get angry when they see her “Will Code 4 Latte” cardboard sign that she holds on the streets accompanied by her iPhone 4.

“I don’t think people usually look close enough to see my mobile, when I use it, but one guy came up and yelled at me the other day.”

“It’s not that expensive to have a mobile these days. I’ve held onto it because people who know me sometimes get in touch with work,” she said.

“But it’s not really comparable. Renting is also just not an option for me at the moment.”

However, Adelle does say some people are very understanding of her situation, with one guy even offering up vacant office space for her to use and try and get back on her feet.

“A guy recently let me use his vacant office and WiFi till the end of his lease so I was able to work from there,” she said.

“Generally people are nice, and every so often I get approached by someone with some freelance work.”

A spokeswoman from Mission Australia told NineMSN that technology on the streets is a growing trend that actually makes sense if you think about it.

“It’s probably not common to have a laptop on the street, but the amount of people we see come through with a mobile is certainly growing,” she said.

“And more than ever they will spend a little money to use the internet.

“People should not pass judgement if they see a homeless person with a phone — on the streets it can be very wise to have means of contact.”

What do you think of Adelle Hartley’s “Will Code 4 Latte” sign along with her iPhone and laptop use despite being homeless?