Are Ben Carson, Donald Trump Leaving The Republican Presidential Race?

Republican Presidential candidates Ben Carson and Donald Trump might share more common ground than many voters thought. It seems there is a possibility that both men could be dropping out of the race for the coveted seat in the Oval Office as a Republican.

If this is true, it will be the second time the media mogul has resigned from the race early. The first time was in 2012 when Barack Obama had won a second term against Mitt Romney. In what would seem to be an expected turn of events, Trump had taken to Twitter to rant about Obama’s second White House victory, according to Business Insider.

Now, in spite of the Ben Carson act Donald Trump pulled in Iowa as previously reported by the Inquisitr, both candidates are threatening to leave the Republican run. Even though Trump had mocked his political rival with a belt buckle routine, they now seem unified against what may be dishonest practices discovered behind the scenes of the Republican National Convention.

If both of them drop out like they’re threatening to, this would leave Ted Cruz as the definitive Republican leader in the polls.

According to CNN, Carson discovered that there was a possible deal being made to determine who would win the Republican primaries. This means that the polls would be meaningless and all of the debates rendered little more than televised spats. He had discovered what might happen after reading a report in the Washington Post.

“If the leaders of the Republican Party want to destroy the party, they should continue to hold meetings like the one described in the Washington Post this morning. If this was the beginning of a plan to subvert the will of the voters and replace it with the will of the political elite, I assure you Donald Trump will not be the only one leaving the party.”

This move by both Ben Carson and Donald Trump could also bring to light what appears to be shady manipulations deciding who wins via long-time Republican power brokers. The alleged conversation revealed that the people behind the debates would “fix” the decision if there are not enough supporting delegates to win the nomination.

Apparently, after Trump had made his statement about blocking Muslim immigration into the U.S. due to terrorist threats from ISIS, he had allegedly been deemed disqualified as President. This isn’t close to the first time the media and real estate mogul has said something which angered entire groups. Unlike Ben Carson, Donald Trump has slammed illegal Mexican immigrants, called out Fox News reporter Megyn Kelly for “feminine issues,” and suggested that Black Lives Matter activists should be “roughed up.”

It seems the video above, though a parody, may have been predicting something.

After the Paris attacks, it seems Trump has expanded his controversial stance with a seemingly blanket statement about Muslim immigrants from Syria. Even though a small percentage of refugees may actually turn out to be terrorists, Trump allegedly feels the safest route is to simply deny all of them entry as a group.

Preceding the recent threat from Ben Carson, Donald Trump is now ready to throw his proverbial hat in the ring as an Independent nominee, having stated that the Republican National Convention is treating him unfairly.

Carson has added to this by stating he’s not afraid to lose if the RNC follows the route they are reported to be taking.

“I am prepared to lose fair and square, as I am sure is Donald. But I will not sit by and watch a theft. I intend on being the nominee. If I am not, the winner will have my support. If the winner isn’t our nominee then we have a massive problem.”

What do you think? Should Ben Carson and Donald Trump drop out as Republican nominees if this brokering takes place?

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]