Bill Clinton Gay? Bombshell Claims About Former President’s Secret Life Revealed As Wife, Hillary’s Same-Sex Ad Released

Bill Clinton is at the center of controversy following the release of bombshell claims about him being a closeted gay man. Although the former president, who is still married to Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, has always had the reputation as a charming womanizer, it has been rumored that his promiscuity has only been a disguise to mask his homosexuality.

According to Radar Online, a highly-anticipated expose has revealed details about Bill Clinton’s secret life as a homosexual man. The memoir titled, Bill & Hillary: So This Is That Thing Called Love, alleges Bill has been attracted to men for many years.

Authors Darwin Porter and Danforth Prince has reportedly compiled accounts from Bill Clinton’s former students during his tenure as a law professor at the University of Arkansas. The former student, who has requested anonymity, revealed young men were warned to stay away from Bill Clinton because of his closeted lifestyle. Back then, the claims were only rumors that stemmed from the fact that Bill was still single at nearly 30-years-old. Although he was dating Hillary at the time, back in the 70s, many Arkansas natives suspected only a gay, eligible bachelor would still be unmarried in his late 20s.

“A lot of guys were warned to stay clear of him, fearing he might put the make on us… I know he had a reputation for flirting with all the gals, but a lot of us thought that was just a cover-up to conceal his homosexuality. After all, he was almost 30 years old, and unmarried. In Arkansas back then, that meant you were gay.”

Despite being in a relationship with Hillary, the former student argues many people still were not convinced Bill Clinton was totally attracted to women. “When Hillary showed up, a lot of us were still not convinced,” the onetime student continued. “We thought that was just for show because she looked like a lesbian. We thought they were pretending a love affair to conceal their true sexual preferences.”

The bombshell claims about Bill Clinton follow the release of Hillary Clinton’s latest advertisement supporting same-sex marriage. The advertisement raises speculation about Hillary’s sincerity of her efforts to support same-sex marriages.

For those who don’t know, Hillary wasn’t exactly comfortable with the idea of gay rights during her run for the Senate back in 2000. According to Free Beacon, an audio diary of Bill Clinton’s previous concerns about his wife’s perspective of gay rights proves she wasn’t exactly thrilled about the notion of equal rights for gays. The audio diary, released by Bill’s longtime friend, Taylor Branch, makes Hillary’s stance on gay rights quite clear.

“[Bill] came in and he said, ‘You know I’ve had much more contact in my life with gay people than Hillary has,’… He said, ‘I think she’s really a little put off by some of this stuff.’ [Bill] said, ‘Generally I support the gay agenda right down the line,’… He said this was hard for me, and I’m sure there are still a few things that are hard for me to swallow. Hillary, emotionally speaking, still finds the issue harder to swallow than I do. And that it could be difficult for her in New York politics, how far she’ll be asked to go.”

The latest claims also follow a string of rumors about Bill Clinton’s numerous affairs and Hillary’s demand for him to take an HIV test. According to Page Six, details about the rumored HIV test are also included in Porter and Prince’s memoir. It has been reported that Hillary expressed concerns because Bill prefers unprotected sex. However, there were no details to confirm whether she was concerned because of his sexual orientation.

Since Hillary Clinton is a substantial Democratic candidate, it’s hard to determine whether or not the tell-all memoir could hurt her campaign. The book could confirm a number of speculative gay rumors about Bill Clinton, but at this point all of the allegations still have yet to be confirmed or denied. Bill & Hillary: So This Is That Thing Called Love is set to be released on December 21.

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