Donald Trump Business Empire Hurt By Stance Against Muslims

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has long been firm in his stand against non-white Americans and bringing the country back.

Unfortunately, his continuous controversial comments against Latinos and Muslims have resulted in more damage as far as Trump’s business groups are concerned.

A report from the Arabian Business said that retail giant Landmark Group has sparked a Muslim boycott of sorts by ceasing its sales of the presidential candidate’s products in its 160 stores across Libya and Pakistan.

A statement from the company said that it will suspend selling the Trump Home collection in light of his recent comments and remarks about the Muslim people in the United States.

“Lifestyle values and respects the sentiments of all its customers,” and because most of these customers are Muslims who have begun to dislike Trump and anything associated with him, the company decided to stop selling his products.

The 69-year-old business tycoon just forged a deal with Landmark Group earlier this year for the retailer to sell his products in the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. In addition, Al Habtoor Group owner Khalaf al-Habtoor said that he has also withdrawn his support for the Republican presidential candidate because of his remarks against Muslims.

“If he comes to my office, I will not let him in. I reject him,” said al-Habtoor, who previously showed his support for Trump’s presidential bid.

Al-Habtoor added that the businessman and TV personality is also “creating hatred” between Muslims and the U.S., which is not a good sign. He added that the mix of strength, ignorance, and deceit will become a threat to the United States and the world.

The owner of the UAE-based company also said that the only thing that would convince Donald Trump to “turn down” his racist rhetoric is to hit him in the things that promote his candidacy – his wealth and popularity as a businessman.

Instead of Trump, al-Habtoor said he will support Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

Another company that Trump has been working with is real estate giant DAMAC Properties, which will develop two golf courses outside Dubai. The company has already drawn the line separating their partner’s political and business interests.

Dubai-based Al Tayer group, which calls itself as the biggest luxury retailer in the Middle East, also said in a statement that Trump’s remarks against the Muslim community are “unfortunate.” However, they did not clarify if that would sever their ties with the entrepreneur and reality TV star. Trump has been earning millions of dollars through his partnerships with Muslim companies. However, because of his recent statements against non-white Americans, many of the partnerships he has forged in the last few years are currently threatened. Aside from Muslims, it looks like even Israelis and Britons do not favor Trump’s stand on Muslim occupation in the U.S.

After stating last Monday that he will ban Muslims from entering the United States, some Israelis and over 370,000 Britons urged their governments on Wednesday to bar Trump from setting foot in their countries as well.

Meanwhile, there are still others who think that Donald Trump does not mean what he says about banning Muslims from entering the country.

Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker said that he believes Trump made the statements in order to gain “political mileage.”

Donald-Trump-Muslim-Boycott-FB (1)

Evangelist Franklin Graham, who is the son of world-renowned evangelist Billy Graham, made a social media post and said that Donald Trump may just be voicing out his long-held belief that Muslim immigration should be temporarily halted until “we can properly vet them or until the war with Islam is over.”

[Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]