Rush Limbaugh Says Donald Trump Is Playing The Media Like A Stradivarius And ‘Reuters’ Lied In Failed Attempt To Bring Trump Down

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Many are baffled by Donald Trump’s continued success, despite his constantly being tangled in one politically incorrect statement or another, but Rush Limbaugh is not among them.

Since announcing his candidacy for president, Donald Trump has been a lightning rod for controversy. An equal opportunity offender of both liberals and conservatives including women, Mexicans, John McCain, Megyn Kelly, and, most recently, Muslims, Trump has seemingly been walking on the edge of political disaster with both the media and public expecting his campaign, and reputation, to go down in irreparable flames after each new controversial statement that comes out of his mouth.

But this has not been the case, Donald Trump’s campaign and popularity in the polls instead continuing to soar after each new controversy, leaving many frustratingly scratching their heads. But again, not Rush Limbaugh.

“Why is Donald Trump still a candidate?” Limbaugh asked his audience on his Tuesday show.

“Why hasn’t anybody been able to force him out? Why hasn’t anybody been able to humiliate him? Why hasn’t anybody been able to destroy him? Why hasn’t anybody – and by anybody, I mean, the media… Why can’t the media touch the guy? He’s given them all kinds of ammo. If anybody else says what Trump says, they’re history, they’re shamed, they’re humiliated, they are forever forgotten, and they have gotten so low they could never recover from it.”

But not Donald Trump, and Rush Limbaugh thinks he knows why. Trump’s ongoing controversies aren’t clumsy political gaffes made by an unsavvy character that is out of touch and doesn’t know any better, explained Limbaugh, but a legitimate strategy that is playing the press and driving them “crazy”, reports TheBlaze.

Trump Pearl Harbor Day 2015

“This latest Donald Trump episode is a glittering, glaring example of how he is playing the media like a Stradivarius,” said Limbaugh. “I tell you, folks, for all of you people who have complained and whined and moaned about the media over the years and how unfair they are to Republicans and how unfair that makes the whole process and ‘What are we gonna do?’ You need to be studying Donald Trump.”

Rush Limbaugh’s observations on Trump came in the wake of the Donald’s latest comments regarding Muslims when Trump said there should be a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims” coming into the United States. But according to Limbaugh, Trumps’s Muslim comments don’t reflect his beliefs as much as they are just designed to make the press, news organizations, and pundits go nuts.

“This latest ‘outrage’ from Trump is a perfect example of how he plays the media — how he knows exactly what to do and how to do it to own their attention and airtime,” said Limbaugh.

“He says things over and over that he knows will drive (the media) insane, and then when they go insane, he doubles down on it and drives them even crazier. He also knows that his audience is in on what he is doing… Then he sits back and watches — no doubt with a huge smile — the media cover what he says over and over and over and over again.”

And according to Rush Limbaugh, Trump has been so successful at driving said news organizations and pundits crazy, that they’ve even resorted to lying in an effort to destroy Donald Trump, Limbaugh relating that the highly respected Reuters news organization recently “ran a story claiming that (one of) Trump’s performance(s) and his appearance were shut down by Black Lives Matter protesters.”

This would have been big news, relates Rush, with Trump finally ambushed and publicly humiliated, except that — even though MSNBC also reported the story — it never actually happened.

As a final stick in the eye of the press, according to Rush Limbaugh, Trump’s amount of airtime dwarfs that of any other candidate, even Hillary Clinton only receiving 113 minutes to Donald Trump’s 234. And while Jeb Bush is focused on raising millions to promote his campaign, Trump is getting all his airtime for free thanks to news organizations and pundits covering everything he does and says.

Trump on Jeb Bush

“(Donald Trump) owns the media,” said Rush Limbaugh. “They can’t stop talking about him. And what’s it costing him? Zero. He’s not spending a dime.”

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