Good Grief! Peter Robbins, AKA The Voice Of Charlie Brown, Arrested For Threats Against Sheriff, Landlord

The man whose voice can be heard in A Charlie Brown Christmas and It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown is heading to jail after he was arrested for making bizarre and deadly threats from his prison cell.

Peter Robbins provided the first voice for Charlie Brown when he was child actor, in the late 1960s from age 9 to 13. He quit acting in 1972, USA Today reported.

But since his days as the voice of the beloved children's character, Robbins' life seems to have taken a wrong turn. In recent years, he's been arrested for stalking and harassment, for which he was given jail time. It was from this prison cell that he committed this latest crime.

Now 59, he was arrested after making criminal threats towards the manager of the trailer park in Oceanside, near San Diego, at which he'd been living. According to the San Diego Tribune, he threatened the man and his wife. The voice of Charlie Brown was also accused of sending letters to a number of other people, including journalists, in which he offered to pay one of them to kill a sheriff. He also threatened a San Diego Superior Court Judge.

For these crimes, Robbins was sentenced to four years and eight months in prison after a last ditch effort in court Monday to withdraw his guilty plea. The judge threw out the request.

One of his victims, the wife of the trailer park manager Peter threatened, Renee Brophy, called him a "broken person" and was sympathetic to whatever life troubles had influenced his behavior. But she was glad he was sentenced to serve jail time. She said the former voice of Charlie Brown had sent "rude, crude, and graphic messages and drawings" to her husband, Patrick.

"Let's be clear, Peter Robbins has created more than just a little chaos … He created a nightmare for me, my husband and my family. I want to sleep again. I want to feel safe in my community and I want my residents to feel safe."
In court prior to Monday's sentencing, Robbins reportedly had several outbursts, which may have hinted at an underlying mental illness. He had many such episodes, including one in which he told the judge "I hope you drop dead of a heart attack." In November, he admitted to being sick.
"This is what happens when you are bipolar. You behave as if you are on drugs. I want justice to be served, but I'm mentally ill... To stick me three years into a state prison is not benefitting the justice system. I feel I'm entitled to at least a second chance."
He also suffers from paranoid schizophrenia.

Deputy District Attorney Brenda Daly said she hoped Peter would be treated for his mental health issues while in prison.

According to CBS News, Peter was arrested two years ago for threatening an ex-girlfriend and the plastic surgeon who operated on her. He was arrested at the U.S.-Mexico border on charges of stalking back in January, 2013, and ultimately pleaded guilty.

He allegedly attacked his ex-girlfriend in a hotel room, demanding she refund money he gave her for breast implants, the Inquisitr previously reported. When their relationship ended, he called her surgeon repeatedly to demand the refund. Afterwards, he left a message in which he threatened to kill his ex.

For this crime, he was sentenced to five years probation, but ultimately violated its terms. He was arrested again and has been in jail since late February, 2015.

An IMDb bio for the actor who has at least earned the distinction of being the first voice of Charlie Brown reveals that he is an L.A. native and son of a Hungarian immigrant. He began acting in 1963 and until quitting in 1972, had roles in several TV series, from The Munsters, to F Troop, and Get Smart. He worked as a disc jockey at some point, then went into real estate and had a condo in Oceanside with his dog -- appropriately named Snoopy.

[Photo by Lisa Rose/Associated Press]